Microsoft Germany creates massive digital piano from Surface RT tablets

As Microsoft tries to get rid of its remaining Surface RT tablets with a deep price cut, a number of company employees in Germany decided to collect 88 of the Windows RT devices to create a huge musical instrument.

As posted on the Microsoft Germany YouTube page, the lobby of the Microsoft offices near Munich was recently turned into a concert venue as 88 Surface RT tablets were lined up to form what the video calls the world's largest digital piano (although we will wait for the official word from Guinness). Each of the tablets is meant to simulate one piano key.

As you can see in the video, the four Microsoft employees who play the Surface RT "piano" in the lobby only seem to be able to play a very simple tune during their brief concert. It's not exactly Rachmaninoff, but then again, if each of the tablets is just one piano key, it would likely take more than four people to play something that's a bit more complicated.

In any case, it's certainly an interesting side project for these workers and while there's no other information on how they created the Surface RT piano, we would love to see more of it in action.

Source: Microsoft Germany

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*makes lame joke about Microsoft having a big stockpile of Surface RT tablets*


I feel like one of you now. Must continue to rid myself of original independent thought and engage in more schoolboy bully type humour.

PmRd said,
Next thing you know they will make a 1080p screen with a Surface per pixel.

Actually that's not a bad idea. Plus they do have plenty of Surface devices in spare.

Indeed. Expect to see these appearing in stores around the country, as this is probably the only thing likely to make a dent in Microsoft's massive stockpile of unsold Surface tablets.