Microsoft gets a new Xbox games global marketing leader

Aaron Greenberg with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson

It's been a week of major announcements for Microsoft's Xbox division and late on Friday there was one more smaller, but still significant, reveal. The Xbox team now has a new global marketing leader for its games: Aaron Greenberg.

The announcement was made by Greenberg himself on his Twitter feed:

Previously, Greenberg served as the Chief of Staff for Microsoft’s Devices division for over three years. Before that he was the company's director of product management for the Xbox 360, which means that he has a large amount of experience working with everyone at the division and should be a perfect choice for his new gig.

This news caps off a week that saw Microsoft announce plans to sell a version of the Xbox One without the Kinect sensor for $399.99, a decision to ditch the Xbox Live Gold requirement for streaming apps on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, and the reveal of Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox One, due in the fall of 2015.

Source: Aaron Greenberg on Twitter | Image via Aaron Greenberg

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Mr.XXIV said,
Oh boy, they sure do love their home team. ;)
Correct me if im wrong but doesnt Paul Allen a MS CoFounder OWN the seahawks? Probably why they like em so much

I think they need to check their definition of "Europe".

While they are at it, maybe they should explore Asia a little bit, many wondrous markets can be found there.

Hey Neowin "journalists". You're sitting on a HUGE story here and it went right over your heads. A little digging please!!

Questions you should be asking:

1: Is Aaron Greenberg related to Mo Greenberg, founder of Coleco, and one of the GREAT pioneers in the field of computer entertainment?

2: Is he related to Bob Greenberg, son of Mo Greenberg, and one of the first dozen Microsoft employees?

The Greenbergs are the Founding Fathers of the Computer Game - along with Nolan Bushnell, of course. Is Aaron one of the "Gods"? If he is, then he's spent his entire life in the computer game industry and probably knows more about the business than anyone else on the planet. There might be a great story here. Any journalists around?

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