Microsoft gives Bing a way to predict who will win in The Voice, American Idol and more

Microsoft is constantly adding new features to its Bing search site, such as last week when it introduced personalized cards on its front page. Today, the company revealed that Bing will now attempt to predict the winners of some reality competition TV shows in the U.S.

The new feature, called naturally Bing Predictions, is described on the website's blog as being based on both search strings as well as input from social media services like Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft states:

The central idea behind the direct approach is that winners and losers correspond to popularity. In broad strokes, we define popularity as the frequency and sentiment of searches combined with social signals and keywords. Placing these signals into our model, we can predict the outcome an event with high confidence.

The formula is being used first on shows like American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and The Voice. Microsoft says that, using The Voice as an example, their predictions on who will win on Bing take into account factors such as regional preferences and the past popularity of contestants.

While Bing Predictions is launching with reality TV shows, Microsoft hints strongly that it will expand in the future to cover other events, such as U.S. elections. That could potentially be very interesting, especially for political candidates who might use such a feature to see how they are doing in a campaign.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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will it be predicting professional wrestling as well?

laugh all you want, I'm sure it will be at some point. After all, people do bet money on it.

its kind of interesting to see what Microsoft is doing with Bing... these kind of doesn't appeal much.. its integration with Cortana will eventually blows everything away..
like that " My Shows : Voice, The blacklist...//etc"
And Next time Cortana will Ask me "Who's gonna win the Voice in Season 6?"

that's pretty funny. I like what they're doing with bing lately.

personally I've always liked bing, but there were always the naysayers -- "it looses money every month! shut it down! it's not as good as google... blah blah blah"

once cortana was unveiled it all made a whole lot of sense where they were going with it. and i'm loving the combination.

Well as we all know the problem is not that bing is not modern - the bing all over the world is not modern. as long as you don't set up your bing as "US Search" your will hit the wall. Nothing in there. Maybe one Day Microsoft will realize that there is more than just the US

if you think they're not aware of that and not working towards that every day you're probably very mistaken. there's not some switch they have to flip that say on/off to enable/disable every other country. they'll get it there.

Except if Microsoft wants Bing to mean something on the internet outside the US, they should not be so laid back about it. Google has no issues deploying their search features to even the smallest countries all over the world.
Microsoft can do the same if they wanted to, they have the resources to do so.