Microsoft Gives Peek At Next Version Of SQL Server

The company shows off Katmai, the next version of its data platform, at its first business intelligence conference.

Microsoft is giving a sneak peek at the next version of its SQL Server data platform, code-named Katmai, as the company's first-ever business intelligence conference kicks off today.

Other than an under-the-radar presentation at a developer conference yesterday, this will be the first look the public gets at SQL Server Katmai, which Microsoft has thus far kept under tight wraps, dancing around release dates and feature details. However, Microsoft will announce today that SQL Server Katmai is due out in 2008 and will go into broad details about new features of the platform.

At the sold-out conference, the company also will announce that it has acquired technology within the last year from a company called SoftArtisans. That technology comes in the form of OfficeWriter, a product that brings data from SQL Server databases into Excel and Word documents, giving users the ability to author and view reports from within those programs. Office Writer will be integrated directly into Katmai. "Our vision is about providing pervasive data to all end users," says Ted Kummert, corporate VP of Microsoft's data and storage platforms. Katmai also will include other new integration points with Excel, Excel Services, SharePoint, and PerformancePoint.

In Katmai, Microsoft also will be adding support for more data types, consistent with a goal to bring SQL Server "beyond relational." The new data types Katmai will support include unstructured data such as files and imaging data, several new types for date and time, and a new "spatial" data type that can be used in location-based applications.

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IMHO Sql server will need to copy inspiring more in Oracle, with packagers (not just procedures without a grouping), submit, rollback and a more decent procedure editor.

Hope they fix the SQL studio, that app uses huge amount of RAM and slows the system down completely. It's the equivilent of playing FSX on a need to reboot to get it back to normal.

Yeah same here, Management Studio and usually one or maybe two instances of VS 2005, and 1GB RAM

Also, if I remember, wasnt Katmai, Intel's code name for the Pentium 3 or something like that (way back in 1998 or so)?

Just found that interesting

And probably several drastic changes like they did with the change from SQL 2000 -> SQL 2005, breaking some of the applications written for the 2005 ..