Microsoft Gives WebFives the High Five

Microsoft's WebFives acquisition should bolster the company's services for sharing digital content and online socializing about it. Like many other Microsoft acquisitions, there was no splashy announcement. There is simply a notice on WebFives' home page that the social digital media Web site will close at the end of the year. WebFives customers can download its content in the meantime.

The late-November acquisition brings Michael Toutonghi, a former Microsoft distinguished engineer and WebFives CEO, back to his alma mater. Toutonghi founded the company, then called Vizrea Corp., in 2003. Microsoft SEC filings indicate there were at least 14 acquisitions during the company's 2007 fiscal year, ended on June 30. Acquisitions include aQuantive, ScreenTonic and Tellme Networks. Microsoft's acquisitions page only lists five acquisitions for fiscal 2007 and two since. Microsoft has acquired at least four more companies since July 1.

The full story @ MS-Watch

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Can't figure out if they are changing their ad slogan to "Innovation Through Acquisition" or "Who Do We Want To Buy Today?" I really wish the kids in Redmond would start coming up with new and fresh ideas on their own. That is how you truly help the industry and consumers.