Microsoft granted patent for an interactive menu on the bezel, would pair nicely with the Surface

Yes they’re at it again, Microsoft has recently acquired a patent for yet another touch sensitive bezel. Filed back in 2012, it allows for a device to recognize if the user intends to use their piece of Microsoft tech, or if it’s just an accidental tap on the screen. This could be big news for the company and could definitely challenge their rivals such as Apple, if they decide to use the technology within the consumer market. 

The touch sensors detect a touch input and are used to determine, based on characteristics of the touch input, a likelihood that a user does not intend to interact with the computing device. Various factors can be used in determining the likelihood that the user does not intend to interact with the computing device.

The patent itself contains 11 applications all vital in the functioning of the technology. Included in this is a "method for controlling the timing on an LED Driver" as well as an "Electrode pattern for touch panels". The patent also states that there is potential for a display on the bezel, that could allow for a menu of some sort to appear prior to illuminating the screen. 

It would be hard to speculate as to what Microsoft actually plan to do with this obtained patent. The tech giant has been rather busy when it comes to intellectual property, with the filing for a smartwatch just recently. The imminent release of the Surface Pro updates or Surface Mini adds to the tension also, could we see this technology so soon? Whether they decide to add it to a consumer level lineup, or if they wish to save it for some other secret plan, it is clear that the Microsoft empire continues to expand. 

Source: freepatentsonline 

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There were a couple of ASUS laptops that used it, IIRC. And there was a vapourware remote control that looked awesome too that was Sideshow enabled.

That'd be really cool! I was going to mention ensuring no one accidently presses them, but the patent already mentions that :D

It is bad enough that I often close the apps, because my finger hit the corner X button. Or touching the Windows icon and activate home screen. Which bothering me so much having to start over again, especially after searching and found a website and accidentally closed it before had a chance to viewing them.

j2006 said,
Then you didn't read the article.

I think they read it. It says it had ways to determine if they mean to press it or not but I wont trust it until it works =). But I sure as heck dont want less area to hold on to in tablet space...