Microsoft Has a Big Date Set with 'Black Hat ' Hackers

Microsoft's Windows Vista has a date with some of the world's smartest hackers. The software maker will use the spotlight of the Black Hat security conference in August to show off some of the key security features and functionality being fitted into Vista.

Microsoft's appearance on the Black Hat stage is a first on many fronts. Microsoft will be the first software vendor to present an entire Black Hat Briefing track on a pre-release product. It is also the first time a representative from Redmond Wash., will make an official presentation at the controversial hacker confab. According to Microsoft program manager Stephen Toulouse, the idea is to provide "deeply technical presentations" on Vista security to the hacking community. "We submitted several presentations to the Black Hat event organizers and, based on the technical merit and interest to the audience, they were accepted," Toulouse said

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Wouldn't this just invite hackers to prove Microsoft wrong?

Microsoft are touting Vista as the most secure OS ever (don't they claim this with every release?) and to my mind that's just an open invite to cripple all the security measure within Vista before it even launches. Which may be the intention (time to fix stuff) but I seriously doubt it.

Hackers do a good job, but not when it's malicious as is most cases when it comes to Windows, and Microsofts' frequent 'deaf-ear' syndrome when it comes to releasing patches for common vulnerabilities.