Microsoft has better starting median pay than most tech companies

If you want to start working for a big technology company and are looking for the best salary, Microsoft might be one of your best opportunities. In a newly published survey from, Microsoft reportedly offers an average of $91,500 a year for a new employee at the start of his or her career. That's second on the survey's list of tech companies and only NVIDIA was higher at $99,400.

By contrast, Google has a starting median pay of $87,500, while Intel is listed with a $80,500 salary for new employees. Apple is second to last on the list for starting median pay at just $49,100 a year.

For an employee who is in the middle of his or her career, Microsoft ranks a bit lower in the survey. It comes in fifth with a salary of $136,000 a year. Google is on top of this list, with a mid-career median of $158,000 a year.

But money isn't everything. What about overall job satisfaction? claims that Microsoft is closer to the bottom in terms of that survey result. The list states that only 68 percent of the company's employees "report feeling extremely or fairly satisfied at work." By contrast, 78 percent of Apple's employees have that same feeling, as do 80 percent of Google's team members and 88 percent of Facebook's employees.

The team members at LinkedIn must love coming to work every day. According to the survey, 100 percent of them are either extremely or fairly satisfied with working at the company.

Via: Geekwire

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Under the US tax system, how much would I take home if I earned $136,000?

Ah, did a quick check online: works out at just over $8000 a month.

I suppose there are other deductions too for pensions and stuff.
Still, that is more the 3 times the US national average.

Edited by Shiranui, Jun 23 2012, 3:44am :

Shiranui said,
Under the US tax system, how much would I take home if I earned $136,000?

Depends on how many loopholes you exploit.

sat2012 said,
That Explains why apple has so much money, they don't give much from what they get.
no, they have so much money because they build good selling products for a good profit in large quantities.

This is a b-s study. You have to compare what are the median starting salaries for Software Engineer I-IV. I assume that's what we're talking about right?

Seeing as Google hires a lot of Ivy League grads, I would imagine those people would demand a good salary.

Apple, on the other hand, probably employs more of their people at their Apple Stores in which they probably make $15/hr or so, so it's not surprising. If they polled just the Cupertino campus, I'm sure the numbers would be much much higher.

"Apple is second to last on the list for starting median pay at just $49,100 a year."


May be it is true because they are considering the "Genius" job.

Wow, I would remove the sweat stains from Steve Ballmer's shirts for $91,500 a year.

Now what they really need is some better marketing people.