Microsoft has NOT yet sold 1 Million Zunes

It would appear that the San Francisco Chronicle misquoted Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, in regards to Microsoft passing the 1-million-Zunes-sold mark. Many websites, including Neowin, used the write-up of the interview as a source instead of using the mp3 recording. We apologize for our mistake. Cesar Menendez, a Microsoft employee working on Zune, cleared up the confusion with the following words on his blog: "So for the record, we haven't made any official announcements on our sales numbers. We are on track, though, to sell one million devices before the end of the fiscal year (June 30). In addition, we've achieved our goal of being the number 2 player in the hard-drive category."

Audio: Interview Recording
News source: Zune Insider

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I don't think the Zune well ever do as good as the ipod.. Since microsoft doesn't even know how to release them world wide.. Like here in canada, i'm still waitting for them to come out...

It's hardly that they don't know how to release a product worldwide (xbox, xbox360 etc) I suspect it's more that they don't have a great deal of confidence in zune being a success...

Gotta love the "we've sold a little over 1 million zunes" followed a day later by "we've nearly sold 1 million zunes"

After the horrors of the 360 hardware quality, I will NEVER buy a Microsoft product until they get their act together.

No. 2 in the hard disc player market.

There's some real stiff competition there. Oh, wait, there isn't.

Creative and Toshiba keep poppin' 'em out and nobody buys them. Some smaller names keep making microdrive-based and the like players, and nobody buys them.

No. 2 overall would be a much more interesting development; it would require outselling the flash-based players which almost developed traction (the higher-end Sandisk players, at least, you see fairly often advertised)

A bit embarrassing, but still an achievement none the less. If Microsoft does the same to the music player market as they did to the Games console Market, then Apple should be worried. But then again, Apple appears to be concentrating on the Phone market now, a market that Microsoft has a good deal of experience so the next 2 or 3 product generations are going to be very interesting indeed.

As I recall, the Microsoft Phone didn't do so well in the market when it came out several years ago. Microsoft hardware overall hasn't faired well in the market, which is a shame because I liked their gaming devices (game pads and such).

I still like their ergonomic keyboards, and I hope they continue to do well with that product line.

The Microsoft Phone was not a mobile/cell phone and I honestly think it was ahead of its time, much like the Tablet PC.

But I am confused why Microsoft's hardware hasn't done better. Their input devices are fairly popular and generally receive good feedback. You even see them plugged into.... Macs!...

I got their speaker system (Digital Sound System 80) which, at the time of release, was one of the best in its class.

yes for sure they came second very easily and also they are gainig the market now when iphone will be launched then zune will gain more grounds in mp3 market share because ipod users will go and buy iphone and that will give microsoft the oppertunaity to gain some market share in mp3 players. Will we are waiting for zune phone now !!! :P