Microsoft has sold Atlas to Facebook


It’s a rumor that has been floating around for some time but Microsoft and Facebook have announced today that Facebook will purchase the Atlas Advertiser Suite from Microsoft.

As with all of these transactions, a purchase price was not announced. Facebook said that Atlas, which is based in Seattle, will stay in that area. Additionally, Facebook will be injecting resources and capital into the company to service to help it expand its capabilities.

Atlas was part of Microsoft's acquisition of aQuantive, which the company bought for a massive $6.3 billion back in 2007. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it would take an almost equally massive one time charge of $6.2 billion to write down that buyout.

Microsoft and Facebook have become close buddies over the years with Facebook using Bing in a few parts of the site and Bing integrates Facebook information into its search results.

Earlier this year, Microsoft sold 650 software patents to Facebook for $550 million, after Microsoft bought those patents from AOL.

Source: Facebook

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"Microsoft and Facebook have become close buddies over the years"
yet no official instagram or facebook apps for windowsphone

Lirodon said,
uhh there is an official Facebook app plus Facebook Messages support in the messages app

all facebook apps either from microsoft, wami apps, FlooNetwork or DeepFrozenApps nothing from Facebook

threetonesun said,
I feel likely Microsoft is very wisely cashing in on Facebook.

its the other way around. Facebook is cashing in on by paying less.
MS is writing off 6.2 bn. that means they are taking a hit.

billyea said,
For those wondering Atlas is an advertising platform. It wasn't immediately obvious to me.

Thanks, I thought it was something related to mapping or something similar; you saved me a look up.

ChristopherSmith said,
"Atlas Advertiser Suite from Microsoft." Made it fairly obvious to me, although maybe that should have been said in the title & not the first line.

That wasn't there when the article was first published, although it makes it much clearer now.

billyea said,

That wasn't there when the article was first published, although it makes it much clearer now.

Oh right fair enough, apologies if I offended Hard to know sometimes when it's just been fixed ^^