Microsoft helps fund new tracking protection lists for IE9

When Microsoft first launched Internet Explorer 9 back in March 2011, the web browser had a new feature called tracking protection. Basically, this feature is like a "Do Not Call" list that blocks unwanted solicitations from calling you on the phone. A tracking protection list for your web browser blocks the web sites on those lists from receiving information about the browser's user.

Today on the official Internet Explorer web site, Microsoft said that tracking protection lists are now being considered as a standard for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). In addition, the number of tracking protection lists has grown from just five in 2011 to over 20 lists from six different groups. There are a number of third party lists that are now available for IE9 at Microsoft's Internet Explorer Gallery web site.

Microsoft also announced on the blog that Simon Davies and Alexander Hanff of Privacy International will release three new tracking protection lists for IE9 this week. One of them is designed specifically to protect children in Europe. The lists will be made available at the UK based Privacy Online web site. Microsoft gave Davies and Hanff a grant to develop these new lists. Davies states:

Tracking Protection has huge potential and is a powerful tool for enhancing consumer privacy, but to build consumer trust it needs serious browser-level commitment. Alex and I were delighted when Microsoft decided to heavily invest in the technology since it has empowered independent parties like us to author Tracking Protections Lists knowing that the broader community will be able to take advantage of verifiable tracking protection from organizations they trust. Furthermore, we’ve also customized a copy of Internet Explorer 9 to make it easier for others to find and use our Tracking Protection Lists

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Genocide121 said,
what shld i use to block youtube ads in the video

That wont happen until Adobe implements TPL support in flash. The API is already provided in IE but for whatever reason Adobe still hasn't chose to use it. This is the downside of letting ActiveX controls choose whether or not to use it, instead of forcing TPL's on them. A decision that was probably made for compatibility.

Been using EasyList for quite some time now, I quite like this feature [previously I had to use Proxomitron as no Adblock for IE worked flawlessly]

Been using the Fanboy - Adblock Tracking Protection List for some time now

Works great Its funny how soo many people dont know of the built in ad-blocking in IE

brent3000 said,
Been using the Fanboy - Adblock Tracking Protection List for some time now

Works great Its funny how soo many people dont know of the built in ad-blocking in IE

Using Fanboy TPL's here too. I tried them all and it's definitely the best list.

wrack said,
I went to the link but there are no lists available! May be I am missing something.

click on tracking protection lists at top of page they'll show up then