Microsoft hints at Windows Live Wave 3 release date

In an email sent to users of it's MSN Direct service, Microsoft states that the release to market date of Windows Live Messenger is February 10, 2009.

At the same time the company is expected to release the forthcoming updates for Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Writer, and the rest of the Windows Live Suite.

Microsoft is slowly developing Wave 3 as the next version of its messenger product has been in development for some months now.

Company officials were unavailable for comment at the time of writing.

Update: When questioned regarding the date, a Microsoft spokesperson said "We have nothing further to share at this time."

View: Windows Live Wave 3 Beta

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(lylesback2 said @ #3)
No thanks troll :D

I am only waiting for the new version of Windows Live Hotmail.

I'm waiting for that too, even though I use Live Mail a lot more than the Hotmail web interface these days. Still, its always nice to see improvements to Hotmail.

Aw, man, that's later than I thought it'd be. That's a bit of a downer; I eagerly anticipate the new versions of Live Mail and Messenger.