Microsoft hints at Windows Server 'Blue' announcements for TechEd 2013

Microsoft has already announced it will launch a public preview version of Windows 8.1 on June 26 as part of its BUILD 2013 conference. The preview build will be made available ahead of the final release of Windows 8.1 sometime later this year as part of Microsoft's overall update plan for a range of software products under the umbrella code name "Blue."

But what about Windows Server 2012? Will Microsoft's server version of Windows 8 also get a 'Blue' upgrade this year, along with a free preview launch? Neowin emailed Microsoft to find out if Windows Server 2012 would be joining Windows 8.1 with a public preview version of it own major update. Microsoft responded to our inquires by saying they "have no information to share at this time." However, the statement added, "At TechEd in June Microsoft will be communicating more about what’s next for a range of products and services from the Server and Tools Division."

TechEd North America 2013 is being held in New Orleans this year from June 3-6. Based on Microsoft's statement, it would appear that the company is going to make some announcements as to the launch of the Blue update for Windows Server 2012 at that event, rather than wait for BUILD 2013.

Image via Microsoft

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Windows 8.1 check
Windows Server 2012 R2 check
Office 2013 R2?
Windows should be an ecosystem of many Microsoft software. If Microsoft to made it yearly release than will Microsoft do it for all?

Office gets continually updated *anyway* - it's why there has never been an R2 release of Office. Same applies to Visual Studio. The bigger reason why there have been R2 releases of Windows Server products is because they have been on a LONGER major-update schedule than the desktop side of Windows. The XP lag to Vista was a decided aberration; 2003R2 was planned, however. In addition, the code merge between desktop and server Windows is, in fact, largely done - the only real differences left are gaming (desktop-only) and certain Azure services (server-only), and I don't see those differences going away.

TPreston said,
I hope they move more roles into server manager rather than requiring a separate mmc window.

+1000 the current support is good but being able to configure everything like IIS through it would be a massive time saver.

TPreston said,
For task automation perhaps but the gui is faster than the cli in almost all cases.

Until your 2nd server. by the nth server you'll see that the GUI is not.

You can configure multiple servers at the same time from the 2012 Server Manager. it is just a wrapper that runs powershell in the background.

Exactly. If you have multiple servers (but suck at PowerShell), Server Manager is a major relief. (By the way, Server Manager has *always* been capable of multiple-server management - it's not unique or even new to Server 2012. You can manage server groups or server clusters from Server Manager in addition to drilling down to a specific server.) Comes in really handy when System Center throws up a flag concerning a specific server - then you can switch to Server Manager to hotfix the offending server as long as you have admin rights TO that server.)

Keen to see what in store! Hopefully we will see some deep integration with Windows Phone and Windows 8 services like we have on Azure so devs can have push notification servers and crap all integrated. That would be developer paradise