Microsoft hiring for new "secret" team to define "what the future of entertainment will look like."

Microsoft is always working on new projects and products that are not currently known by the general public. Indeed, there was no indication that Microsoft was working on its Surface tablet for three years until the company revealed it to the press in June.

This week, Microsoft posted up a new job listing for a "Software Development Engineer" that will work in the entertainment division, specifically within the Xbox Live group at Microsoft's Redmond, Washington headquarters. However, the job post was more interesting than most because it flat out said Microsoft was forming a new and "top-secret" team within the Xbox Live group and the listing said that Microsoft may not even reveal what the actual project is until the person they pick gets a job offer.

The post added:

Not all of our ideas will fly. We will fail, and fail fast, on some projects. We will celebrate those failures because they are vital to making sure the right ideas take off in a big way. If you want a comfortable, standard-role job at Microsoft with no ambiguity or risk, please don't apply.

The project's ultimate goal is to create "what the future of entertainment will look like." That sounds like some pretty ambitious claims but Microsoft has already invested a lot in its Kinect motion gesture technology and this secret project could the next step in mixing entertainment and interaction.

Source: Microsoft Jobs via GameSpot | Secret image via Shutterstock

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This is a good illustration of the flaw of capitalism that capitalists don't see.

Good business isn't about providing what people want. It's about deciding for people what they want and telling them to want it.

is there soemthing different about Win Media center edition the OS compared to WMC on win 7 / vista etc ?

I really like WMC, when i got a TV tuner card a while back I tried a it and a couple things bugged me a bit like the the disk thrashing related to DVR code.
But after trying alternatives i went back to WMC for good..
Its great for people that download TV shows or Movies, sadly many don't know its installed on their PC's etc

I use a Winamp with the ClassicPro Theme addon with a theme called "Vista" for music playback and media library functionality on my PC. One reason for the addon was it moved the controls in the window to the lower part of my screen rather than the top of it.
Couple years ago i used Winamp for a Video and Movie library too but dumped it after time (when i got a tv tuner) It's easy to turn off Winamp's video decoders and use your like FFDshow and Lav etc

Considering all of the inside-looks into Microsoft Research and all the winks and nods from Kinect insiders, anything short of a holodeck will break my heart a little.

One thing's for sure, though. No matter what they build, what barriers are broken, where technology is pushed, or how many breakthroughs are made--it's Microsoft, so every tiny flaw or shortcoming will be an excuse for half of their audience to utterly and completely dismiss it, out right.

Brand new ideas:
Kinect 3, the same Kinect but with more dancing games.
Halo, more (moer!) Halo.
and we will purchase new franchise that we will kill in a couple of years.

THEY will define it huh, doubtful. I can fail fast, where do I apply?
Seriously, it's good to have a few people toying with new ideas, every once in a while you stumble onto something risk, no reward.