Microsoft holding contest to send 10 people to attend their 2014 E3 media briefing

E3 2014 is still three months away but Microsoft is already planning to announce quite a few Xbox One games at their annual media briefing before the video game trade show begins in Los Angeles. Today it was announced that Microsoft plans to pick five winners to attend their 2014 media briefing, to be held this year on June 9th.

Details about the contest and how to sign up are now available on a special Xbox promo site. The contest is open to residents of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, with registration beginning today and lasting through March 17th at 11:59 am Eastern Time.

Five winners will be picked and each one can bring a guest to travel to LA to attend the E3 Media Briefing for Microsoft and Xbox.  The trip begins on June 8 and ends on June 10th and Microsoft will pay for the flight and hotel rooms, along with transportation to and from the hotel room to the airport. Microsoft will even pay for one dinner and one breakfast or lunch during the trip

Unfortunately, it appears as if the prize package does not include entry into E3 itself, which officially begins on June 10 and lasts until June 12th. The good news is that the winners will get a $200 Visa card for incidentals and a $3,000 Microsoft Store gift card.

In addition to the online entry form, people can also enter the contest at their retail Microsoft Store location; the drawing for the five winners will be held on March 26th.

Source: Microsoft

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Argh, soo disappointing this is US only. I'd love to go to one of the big gaming shows and see a Microsoft press conference The closest I've been is to Game Stars Live at the ExCeL centre in London back in 2004. They had a big Halo 2 booth with guys dressed up as red vs blue master chief, and huge queues to go in and play the beta of the game, Need for Speed Underground 2 and Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth displays.. was pretty cool.

In all seriousness, say all 10 people were from abroad (Europe for example). Accommodation, food and intercity travel prices won't change. The flight would be ~$900 more per person but even 9000 more is probably worth the publicity of taking someone from another continent. And 9 grand is the maximum (assuming no-one from Northern America wins).

TCLN Ryster said,

In all fairness, every country has its own rules around contests and free prizes and their tax implications, etc.

Calculating the logistics for more countries would be a nightmare.
Hopefully MS hire someone to live that nightmare.

I want to go so bad to one of these things, especially for ms's conference.
Sadly, it's around the time I've got my finals...

Could you add a ''USA only'' or ''REGIONAL RESTRICTED'' tag to the topic title? I know you guys like the hits but this sort of stuff is really disappointing to read when you're not able to enter.

koppit said,
U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico... it's not as bad as it looks

Unless you're part of the majority that lives outside any of the mentioned above. It's also why I added the 'regional restricted' suggestion. At least then you know you shouldnt raise your expectations when clicking on such an article. And I think for most competitions the 'USA only' label will still apply..

koppit said,
U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico... it's not as bad as it looks

I just assumed US only. Seeing that Canada can participate, I submitted my daily entry.

Thanks for calling it out for those of use who TLDR.