Microsoft holding Windows 8 training session at its stores

Microsoft is about to launch several new platforms and is hoping to educate consumers on these new systems with free training sessions. The image you see above is from the calendar at the Costa Mesa Microsoft store where Microsoft employees will provide free training sessions on Windows 8.

Seeing as Windows Phone 8, Surface and Windows 8 are all right around the corner, Microsoft is taking the smart approach and offering classes to help educate the end user in a welcoming environment. The goal here is to help ease the transition from the classic desktop experience into the new, modern experience of Windows 8.

Seeing as Windows 8 is a dramatic shift from Windows of the past, offering these training sessions will be crucial to help keeping the consumer happy and the negative publicity away from Windows 8. 

Also, by using their retail outlets, Microsoft is making sure that its retail channel is fully utilized to be able to connect directly with its customers. At this time, we do not know if Microsoft's holiday pop-up stores will offer these training courses.

If you happen to live close to a Microsoft retail store, the options for educating your loved ones on Windows 8 just expanded and could make your life a bit easier. If any of our readers do check out a training session, let us know how it goes. 

You can find a local training sessions here.

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As a developer, I'm already porting some parts of a vertically integrated business app to Win8 UI, using live tile notification.. It's sweet!!!! Out test users are already craving for the other modules to be moved to Metro, sorry, Modern-UI, also. It runs smoothly on tablets and uses the full screen real estate available... I absolutely love it.. BTW, this business app will also run on Windows RT without a hiccup or needing code change (waiting for my Surface to reach and fully test it out). As long as you don't have lazy developers that will cut corners and make full use of the tiles and contracts (integrated search and share and settings), the Windows 8 Modern-UI experience in the end will be great for the end-users

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