Microsoft holds illegal UK personal data

Saw this over at IEXBETA. Remember that time that MICROSOFT forgot to pay $35 for their domain, and Hotmail completely broke until a Linux coder phoned up NetSol and paid it for them and then we all went "hahahahahaha" and it was funny? Ahh.

Well, Microsoft's entry in the DATA PROTECTION REGISTER expired on January 8th. This means that all personal data held by them in the UK is now illegal, in that jaunty white collar criminal-but-getting-away-with-it way Microsoft has.

Sadly, the DPR folk say that it's not as easy as just us paying up the 35UKP. Apparently, Microsoft (or good-hearted and overly knowledgeable Linux coder friends of theirs) will have to put in a completely new application. Which makes it a bit less fun. Still, you could always ask the Information Commissioner if they'd be up for prosecuting MS on your behalf for unlawfully using your info-soul. You have that right if you're a "data subject" of Microsoft, you know.

View: Expired Data Protection Register (held by Microsoft)

View: The incident

News source: NTK

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hilarious- but worrying. The worlds largest and probably one of the worlds most influential company cant keep track of one of its most important things?!

It's kinda funny such a huge company has so little tabs on these things.. Should of used the Calender function in Outlook or Microsoft Alerts more often :P