Microsoft hosting event on January 29 in Brazil, Surface Pro is the likely suspect

Microsoft has sent out invitations in Brazil for an event on January 29 and the tagline is a "release that will surprise you." While we do not have any more official information, it would seem all but certain that Microsoft is going to be showing off the Surface Pro and make the device available for purchase.

Microsoft has previously stated that the Surface Pro, which will run on Windows 8 Pro, will be priced starting at $899 when it comes out in January. That will be for the 64 GB version, while the 128 GB Surface Pro unit will be priced at $999. The prices do not include the Touch or Type covers.

There is no other information known at this point and we should point out that Brazil currently does not have any WP8 devices on sale as of yet, so those devices could also make an appearance on that date too.

We should note that the dates line up to a previous rumor that the Surface Pro would arrive on January 29th.


Thanks for the tip Leoberto!

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They're probably going to announce something that hasn't been rumoured about much otherwise the tagline is a bit... wrong?

It would be strange to launch a brand new product outside the USA, I think that it would be more likely to be some carrier exclusive WP8 devices.

Probably Surface Pro arriving... but I wouldn't be surprised to see WP8 too, since the Nokia 920 is already approved by Anatel, therefore it can already hit the market. The only thing I'm sure will be a let down will be the price, like everything that comes to Brazil.

Surface Pro wouldn't surprise me at all... it's expected. But a phone from MS would kind of surprise me. The new xbox would surprise me too. Or maybe those huge perceptive pixel displays with a nice price tag. Or maybe 'The Microsoft Home'.. that would be awesome, but I don't see it in the near future .,

I feel honored that Microsoft chose my country to launch such an important device for them.
Because of that, I'll not say a single bad word about WP8 or Windows 8-).
I love them!

I guess from now on whenever MS says something is coming "late" in the month they really mean the final day or 2 of said month.

GP007 said,
I guess from now on whenever MS says something is coming "late" in the month they really mean the final day or 2 of said month.

Apple: iTunes 11 in October!
Apple on Last day of October: iTunes 11 in November!!
Apple on Last day of November: Here it is!

I'll be getting one, icing on the cake would be the new i5 processor, but I have no expectations on that.

ModernMech said,
That's not surprising at all.

Exactly. I wonder if there is indeed a surprise element. What if they decide to subsidize the prices of Surface Pros like they did with XBox consoles? That would be just awesome!!