Microsoft implements app searches on their website, lets you see inside the Windows Store

Some would argue that the Windows Store lacks many things, including high-quality apps and a decent searching algorithm but today things get a tiny bit better. Folks can now finally search the Windows Store directly in their browser, on any platform.

Until now only Windows 8 users could actually see inside of Microsoft’s store and search for the apps they wanted. There was no official way to search the store from a browser, and even though there were some alternatives out there they weren’t very reliable.

Well Microsoft is now making things a bit better with the introduction of App searches on the Windows website. Here curious folks can search for their favourite apps and see if they’re available and how much they cost.

Unfortunately this is still a very basic search implementation with no ability to differentiate by genre, game type, publisher or any of the “fancy” things that people expect from their app stores. But at least Microsoft is working on the problem and here’s hoping this will get better soon.

Source: Windows via: McAkins

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Love it! Though the app detail pages themselves need to be integrated on the site as well (like how Windows Phone's site does it)... otherwise if you want to search again, you have to click back instead of being able to search from the page itself.

and here I thought I was just missing something all this time... kept thinking how do you find stuff, must be some hidden control somewhere I don't know about...

Hopefully putting together wp and win development will profit in things like that. well - they could have just copied it over for example