Microsoft interns to launch a crowd-controlled balloon to the edge of space tomorrow

Every large company has interns who get hired for the summer to perform various activities around the company. At Microsoft, they challenge their interns to do something...different. Rather than simply get everyone coffee in the morning (yes we know that cliche is a bit old but not always outdated), the interns at Microsoft are going to launch a balloon to the edge of space and live stream the entire thing.

In addition to the live stream, the camera on the balloon will be crowd-controlled via the Internet. The event is set to take place tomorrow at 12PM PST. 3PM EST, weather permitting.

You can check out the live stream at the tomorrow or you can head there now to bookmark the page and take a look at the countdown timer so you will know when the event takes place in your time zone.

Launching a balloon high into the atmosphere is nothing new and we have seen it done before. The difference this time is that it will be live streamed and you will be able to interact with the camera on the device as it ascends towards the edge of space.

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Eraknelo said,
What are you people? Stuck-up? He made a joke, calm down >.>
I had not expected that comment, it sparked a laugh with me.

really? you laughed at that? so lame.

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really? you laughed at that? so lame.

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linsook said,

really? you laughed at that? so lame.

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