Microsoft is looking for beta testers for OneNote

Microsoft beta tests a lot of software but most of the time, aside from large releases like 'preview' iterations of major platforms, the testing is done internally. This process is typically referred to as 'dogfooding' but it looks like Microsoft wants to open up its beta process a bit more widely this time around for OneNote on Android.

If you are user of OneNote for Android, Microsoft is looking for beta testers to try out the next update of the application. While there are not many details on when the beta will arrive or what new features it will have, if you enjoy living on the bleeding-edge, this program is for you.

If you want to participate, you can head to the source link below to sign-up and interestingly, it requires you to join the company's Google+ page. We say this is a bit interesting because Google+ is often thought of as a ghost town when compared to other social networks but Microsoft is using it as part of this beta.

As with other programs, Microsoft also wants to hear your feedback on OneNote. The company has been opening up feedback channels across many of its products as a means of communicating directly to users of these products and OneNote for Android is the latest to go down this path.

Sign Up: OneNote for Android beta

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looks like the number of devices supported is still very limited. My Xperia Ultra Z is "incompatible". The same goes for Office Mobile :-<

We say this is a bit interesting because Google+ is often thought of as a ghost town when compared to other social networks but Microsoft is using it as part of this beta.

Don't think it's odd, if you have an Android you're very likely a member of Google+ whether you want to be or not, makes sense for them to use it.

That said, my HTC One is in.. love this program.

AtriusNY said,
And how about Office 2014 for Mac?

It is definitely in the final yards now from what I've heard.

In the mean time have you checked out the free web apps? They're very good.

I don't think Google+ was a choice, isn't having some Google group compulsory for a beta program? I had to go through the exact same steps for beta programs like Facebook or Android Central.

I use OneNote for practically everything. Love that app on all my devices. Feels like a real notebook. I used to use Evernote, but it felt like a glorified single-person email inbox to me.

Good to see one note development progressing on any platform.

One note has pretty much become my technical bible at work. Just throw in notes for literally everything that might come in handy and it is all there in searchable form. Can't even count the amount of times I've forgotten some obscure port number or tip that I had noted down months before and needed when it was all hitting the fan, one search and it's all there.

Always been a one note user but between the new Mac and iOS clients (don't use the web app, although do use all the other office web apps) it has transformed my productivity at work.

Even down to just creating a checklist of tasks in the morning and easily ticking them off whether it be at the desk in the fat client or in the server room or elsewhere on the iOS app.

This is one thing Microsoft has absolutely nailed so glad to see them continuing the effort and the other platforms getting some love.

They seriously need to add handwriting support for the Android version. That's the only thing keeping me from using it across all my devices.

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