Microsoft is throwing an epic party in Atlanta this week

This week, Microsoft is hosting its MGX conference in Atlanta. For those of you who do not know what this event is, it's Microsoft's annual gathering of its sales force from around the world and is designed to rally the troops to re-energize its sales teams.

The event, to the outsiders, looks like one, massive, continuous party and frankly, that's what it is. The event is designed to be a corporate gathering of the company's sales and marketing folks to get them aligned with the corporate vision but to also drive a bit of excitement into proceedings. How do you do that? Well, shooting off pyrotechnics, having Steve Ballmer come out on stage and letting Pitbull take the stage are just a few of the events that have occurred so far this year.

The event runs from July 22nd to the 25th, so there are still a few more days of partying left and of course, Microsoft will be making sure its sales staff are current on all of the company's initiatives this year too.

If you are curious what the event looks like from an insiders perspective, quite a few of the attendees have been putting images up on various social networks that we aggregated into a gallery below.

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Nadella is pretty boring compared to Ballmer, so he needs an opening act. Ballmer could do it all on his own. He even clapped for himself.

i'm guessing most ex nokia employees are probably furious with the whole MS take over. First Elop was brought in to try and save a sinking boat. Things were shakey, and then the proposal eventually came for MS to invest and Elop formed that link. Since then, not only has Elop "jumped ship", he's got a nice cosy top management position, good salary, being relocated to the US and well looked after at MS. He's effectively thrown his company Nokia under to save his own skin. And I'm guessing the Department of labour in Finland isnt either too happy about having to deal with 18k of citizens who have to find new jobs, and possibly uproot their lives significantly.

The bulk of the Nokia layoffs are from them closing down half if not more of the factories they got in the deal (7 of them in total iirc?) So closing say 4 or 5 and keeping 2 or 3 is going to make up probably 10k to 11k of the 12,500 from Nokia. Factories have boat loads of workers doing different things so this has to be taken into account. Also, Nokia would've been forced to close and fire these people in time anyways, they didn't have the money to keep this going.