Microsoft job posting hints at Zune, Xbox, integration

Many have questioned why Microsoft hasn't integrated the Zune and the Xbox ever since the launch of the Zune. The two products are the staples of Microsoft's hardware division and yet the two do not integrate well together.

A posting for a new position at Microsoft states "User Experience Designer" and goes into the details of "creative directors to propose innovative designs and content solutions for the Zune Device UI, Zune Xbox and Zune PC Application." The job posting spells out that the Zune and Xbox will be key parts of the new position. Microsoft may finally be doing what many have wanted, a Zune that seamlessly works with the Xbox 360 for music and video sharing. Why they haven't done this sooner is only known to Microsoft.

With tighter integration between the two products Microsoft will have a competitive advantage for console gamers as compared to the IPod's. The biggest question that remains is how Microsoft will integrate the Zune marketplace with the Xbox Marketplace. If they pull it off correctly the Zune's user base may grow substantially.

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Ouch! This is going to be HUGE! Imagine the simple task of even comparing achivements with your friends with the Zune... or wireless media sharing - would be crazy slick integration!

yert* said,
You should be able to sync and buy your music on the Zune by plugging it into the 360.

I agree... and using the Zune as a storage device in the Xbox would be nice too

They already have a cross-platform tool for developing games across both the Xbox 360 and the Zune (and the PC) with XNA, however the processing capabilities are extremely different on those platforms.

Really brilliantly awesome freaking news ftmfw yes win!!!!!

Is what I would be saying if the Zune was available on more than one continent...

I've already had one for over a year now but one question still remains - why won't they release it outside of North America? I know quite a few people that are interested over in Europe but still nothing.

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