Microsoft: Last week was Xbox Live's biggest week ever

As we reported earlier today, Microsoft is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the launch of its Xbox Live service with some giveaways and special price cuts on a number of Xbox Live Arcade games. The company is also taking the time to offer up some new user statistics for the online gaming service.

In a post on the page, Microsoft's Marc Whitten said the past seven days, thanks in great part to the launch of both Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, have caused new peaks in Xbox Live usage. He states, "I’m proud to announce that during the week of Nov. 6 through Nov. 13, our members spent more time on Xbox LIVE (gaming and watching entertainment) than any other week in the history of our service: a total of 442 million hours."

Whitten also said that in the past year, the company has seen 9.4 million people, on average, play multiplayer games on Xbox Live per week. In the past 10 years, Whitten said that in the 10 years since Xbox Live went live, " ... 14.5 billion Achievements have been unlocked worldwide, accumulating a total combined Gamerscore of more than 270 billion."

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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I've been a fan of Halo ever since the very release and I was only 8 or 9, and I thank Xbox Live for expanding the entertinament!

Does this include the "Xbox" games on Windows 8, like minesweeper, majhong, and solitare? Because Windows 8 forces users to log in to Xbox live to download and play those formerly bundled Windows games. Anyone else think the release of Windows 8 may have had some impact on this, like they're including Windows 8 users as well?

Then again there was that small game called Halo 4...

Yeah, next week will blow that away with Halo 4 AND CoD:BOII.

And the week after will be even bigger thanks to the holiday and a full week of H4 and BOII.

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