Microsoft launches clothing line called Softwear

It has been said that a person's clothes show the world who they are. Microsoft is looking to cater to the "hip but geeky" crowd with their new line of clothing, in partnership with rapper Common, called Softwear. (Haha, get it? Software? Nevermind...)

According to the official site, "This collection inspired and created by Common exhibits the parallels between two groundbreaking movements of the 80s: personal computing and hip-hop. Microsoft, and Common, pioneers of their respective crafts, pushed the envelope of what was expected and even what was accepted. Through lyrical expressions and enabling connectivity, the world was changed. That's something worth celebrating."

The first shirts will be sold via Urban Outfitters, with more products being sold at specialty stores in New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta.

You can get the Microsoft Matrix Tee at Urban Outfitters now.

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It's interesting to see the range of responses. There's always people who "get" it and people who don't.

Not sure how big the market is that they are targeting but a good effort. I'd buy the 80's one.

Hahhaa love the guy on the front page thats really going to sell the "Softwear'. What are MS doing, it doesnt even look good, whats the market ehy are aiming for?

Lost me ...

offroadaaron said,
yay another MS half asses thing. Concentrate or LIVE and the new Windows please.

Do you mean "half-assed" like your half-assed command of the written word?

smithy_dll said,
Why do sizes start at Large?

because Americans are overweight :|

I can't go around with a t-shirt that has Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft on it.... the chicks will think I am a geek :P and the geeks at university love linux.
What's the use?

The line was announced in December, but the website and places to get the gear are new. I felt this was newsworthy due to that. Thanks for your keen eye though!

AFAIK, the website is not new, its there for quite a long time since December. If you see the website footer, it still says Copyright 2008 Microsoft

ajua said,
i would buy the 85 and the MSDOS one. the other shirts are ugly to say the least.

The DOS and 85 ones wouldn't look out of place in a fashion shop in the UK like Burton or Top Man!

Wonder if they sell them in the UK - the DOS one rocks...

I wish this was a bad April Fools Day joke... I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't be caught dead in any one of those shirts that I saw, their just that bad.

Microsoft, stick to doing what you do best...