Microsoft launches "Do the math" campaign aimed at Apple

Microsoft has launched a new Canadian-based online advertising campaign aimed at trying to convince consumers that they should once again choose a Windows PC over a Mac.

According to The Inquirer, the campaign is entitled “Do the math” and offers up a varying range of personal computers from Apple while showing alternative Windows PC machines from various vendors.

The list of comparison machines is long, with MacBook 13”, MacBook Air 11”, MacBook Air 13”, MacBook Pro 13”, MacBook Pro 15”, MacBook Pro 17” and both the iMac 21.5” and 27” put up against varying machines from Sony, HP amongst others.

The list points out pricing right at the top, in an attempt to show how much more expensive an Apple Mac is when compared to an equivalent Windows PC, it then lists screen size, hard drive capacity, RAM, processor, optical drive and then online storage as other important features to compare.

The main title of the Microsoft “Do the math” site suggests to users that they can either “Surf the web or surf Hawaii”, in other words, Microsoft is saying that the savings you can make on a Windows PC over a Mac will be enough to pay for you to go away on a fancy holiday.

The websites main promotion of a savings shows a MacBook Pro 17” retailing at $2,349 against an HP Pavilion DV7 retailing at $999, a saving of $1349. Though as the Inquirer points out, things don’t always go to plan, with an iMac 21.5” machine compared to a Sony Vaio J. The Sony model comes in more expensive and has a slower processor when compared to the iMac.

The “Do the math” site also offers a link to a Facebook page where users can win a Windows based PC.

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Doli said,

So you just did a comparison on installing an Windows OS to turning on a iMac... You can buy a PC with Windows 7 already installed and you can be "surfing in minutes". I know you should know this because you said you were a Windows user for 19 years, hell even knowing computers for that long you should know you can buy a PC with Windows already installed.

No, you won't be "surfing in minutes". Have you bought a computer recently? First, there's the basic setup. Then, there's the OEM post setup that you have to wait through. Then on first start, there's a ton of BS loaded up on startup, such as the Norton trial, OEM visual mods, and you have to wait for that to finish. Then, you open up Internet Explorer, only to be given that stupid "first time use" dialog (which most of us have trained ourselves to automatically click "Ask me later" so that we can go get the setup file for the web browser we actually want).

Say what you will about Apple, they do a DAMN sight better of a job getting a user from off to going in almost no time.

XP before SP2 and SP3 was absolute crap. My original plan when I brought a HP desktop 5 years ago, was to reformat back to Win98. I ran Knoppix Live, I had no luck to install Linux until Ubuntu 9.

6 months ago, the HP died after five whole years of random and unexplainable shutdowns. I am scared of getting Dell, custom building all future desktops.

Macs do cost more than PCs, a barrier high enough to prevent me from getting another Mac. When it comes to a Windows based PC, if you are stupid, you will need to buy antivirus and MS Office. Ultimately if you did that, PCs and Mac is about the same price. But you have to put up with the bull**** of Windows and BSOD.

I love how MS compares normal HD with SSD. Compares old AMD processor with core i5 and i7.

A comparison between a MBA and some atom notebooks is ridiculous at best imo.

I don't own any Apple product save for an Ipod Touch (partially bought with a gift card). I build my computer myself and own a full legal retail boxed version of Windows 7 coming with support from MS (and not the OEM vendor). I would never buy any desktop computer made by HP and others.

As a student I got the following for free,

Windows XP x86_64 Professional
Windows XP x86_32 Professional
Windows 7 x86_32 Professional
Windows 7 x86_64 Professional
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

Nothing from Apple though.

srprimeaux said,
I need a better reason for using Windows than "We're cheap!"

Just saying.

I need a better reason to use Apple than "We're cool!"

Just saying.

WickedScribbler said,

I need a better reason to use Apple than "We're cool!"

Just saying.

If you join the cult now, you'll get 72 virgins when you die....or something.

Yup. They shouldn't even compare it. They are just stating that macs are much better than PC in that point... Plus, doesn't iMacs with 27" come with a 2560 x 1440 res?

I'm on the verge of getting my first Apple laptop, and I gotta save a lot to get it ($2000 for a 13" macbook pro with 8gb RAM, 500gb HDD and AppleCare. And I think the difference is the ability to get AppleCare and not to worry about your computer hardware problems (so far, I heard awesome stories from people).

Then again, I spent about $850 on my desktop, $950 on my gaming laptop, and about $300 for my netbook. With that money, I could have bought an entry level 15" Macbook Pro. with AppleCare.

I'm pretty disappointed with Microsoft. They should at least have compared the same specs products and they would still have a dominant hand. The only one I agree with them is the MacBook 13", though...

I find the never ending debate of Apple vs PC/Microsoft humorous. When will it end? Comparing the two products is like comparing iPhone to Droid, Gasoline Cars to Hybrids, American Express Credit Cars to Capital One MasterCard and so on. It is a debate that has NO WINNER! Apple has hand selected all their hardware from what Steve Jobs defines at best built for Apple's OSX. He dedicates all his development to make a perfect match of software with hardware, he keeps Apple's standards high…He then take all of Apples side products such as iPhone, iPod, iPad and so on and used the same software code which further integrates all Apple products together for a more refined and stable and pure solution, etc….Apple slaps on a somewhat overpriced tag to their products and there are clear limitation as to what you can do with Apple products, but this is by design for Apple. When you buy Apple products you are agreeing to do things Steve Jobs way and whether you like the guy or not he has a good vision which shows in his popularity over Bill Gates/Steve Balmer and the Microsoft stock price which has been in free fall the past 2 years verses Apple Stock which….well…look at it. This is further validated by the iPhone still 5-6 years later being the number 1 smartphone after all the would be competitors.

Now that I am done hailing Apple. Lets talk PC/Microsoft. Some would argue MS has lost their way and is spread too thin, trying to get their hands in everything. They are too dependent on the hardware sector because Windows ability and stability is dependent on being compatible with everything, which is very hard to do. I know some will say MS has certified drivers and MS large partnerships with everyone, but what good had it done MS. Just about every side product MS has created in the past 5-6 years has FAILED…They are currently struggling with their Windows Phone and iPhone and Droid are dominant. Then to add misery to pain the government sues MS and restricts their ability to integrate all MS products into Windows (which is what Apple is being allow to do???)

If the price point is the argument for this article then I would ask this question. If iPhone is more expensive and locked down than a Droid, but the handoff for going with Droid is for cheaper and more freedom to do what you want, BUT has more hardware and software problems (faulty LCD screens, force close messages, waiting for video chat apps to be made for your specific Droid phone, waiting to have the latest Gingerbread 2.3 version just to find out your Droid is 11 months old and wont get it, etc)…Then why should you pay more for something that does less than the other, but for what it does it does better than anyone? Is Apple to reduce their standards and be more like MS and PC and cheaper so you can afford to go to Hawaii? Think not….If you by Honda Accord or Toyota Camry because its works, does that somehow make Prius and other Electric Hybrids too expensive? The Electrics and Hybrids don't do as much as your Accord or Camry and they are very expensive to own, but in the long run they wont give you any crap, save you time which can equal money saved. They have less moving parts which means lass that can break, less problems (except the gas pedal)

American Express had high standards; they refused to be like all the other credit lenders. They offered high credit limits, reasonable interest rates, first class customer service and they were immune to recessions which allowed them to continue their service without change. They did not offer rewards points, they didn't have 100 fancy actors in commercials, they didn't offer 100 different credit cards….But somewhere along the years AMEX got jealous of the other credit companies because millions of people where getting credit cards and willing to pay 18-24 percent interest rates, so AMEX reduced their standards and became like everyone else. They took on less credit worthy borrowers, wore themselves thin with rewards programs and other perks to offer, etc….But when it came down to the financial collapse they choked like all the others.

Would that have happened if they kept their principles and stayed true to themselves despite being compared?

Would Apple be where they are if they got jealous of Windows sales, other hardware sales, etc….Should they become like everyone else?

Yes, they charge more, and electric cars are more expensive and getting an AMEX card is more difficult than Capital One…..But What you get is better, more refined, focused on the person who wants it and not what others have to say who have no intention or ability to get it. That $2,400 price you pay for MacBook Pro gives me a guarantee that when I bitch to Apple and tell them I want stability, coolness, performance and no BS from my computer…I get it….Because if I don't, I will go by a ThinkPad for $1200 that has fancy lights, the same CPU and RAM, made of plastic running Windows (need I say more) and find 2 times per year to spend 2 hours on the phone with IBM/LENOVO support because my laptop broke, just so they can try and convince me it's a problem with Windows and I need to call MS or the company who made my software.

Sorry, my MacBook Pro 13" kills any comparable PC in build quality and usability, nice try MS but going with "we are cheap" isn't helping you right now.

bob_c_b said,
Sorry, my MacBook Pro 13" kills any comparable PC in build quality and usability, nice try MS but going with "we are cheap" isn't helping you right now.

Yeah the comparison page for the MBP 13" is just silly. My father has the Samsung QX and while it's not a bad computer by any means, it has the usual crappy trackpad, battery life is not as good as my MBP, display quality is not as good etc.

Overall this is pretty close to distracting marketing. They carefully forget things like the fact that the Macbook Air has a 64 GB SSD in it or that it's slimmer and faster than any of the netbooks. The iMac 27" comparison is just laughable.

My MacBook that I bought had ****ty plastics. After three months, it started cracking. Apple at first refused to repair it, saying it was my fault and not the common problem due to ****ty design (or materials). Finally, they tell me that it will take probably two months to get my laptop back, unless I drive 150 miles to my nearest apple store to get it fixed (Its hard to do when I'm in the military). Well I decided just to sell it and I bought an HP. Haven't had any problems (except with the WD hard drive that was junk).

I think we're all missing the point here, this article credits the source as "The Inquirer". C'mon Neowin... I thought you posted news... not gossip and rumors...

thenetavenger said,
Ok, the fumiest post was the one claiming that the Mac is a professional Computer for design.

As I sit here with a tabletPC with a graphics cards several times faster than you can get in a Mac with an i5 CPU and it is 2.4lb with a high end Wacom Screen with Stylist & Touch Where I can do pressure of 512 pressure levels, pen angle, and touch at same time. People that buy a Mac for Serious Design Work have never touched a real computer Made for Graphic Artists.

PS I also scribbled this by hand with no corrections, and I write like a Doctor. This computer is the one I pull out when touching up Photos and to make iPad users go, "Holy Cow I want that!" It cost $200 more than an iPad.

Ignorance can hurt you. As you could be doing far more than you realize is even possible on a Mac. (And I won't even go into funnel locks, and lack of 64 bit kernel features that destroy performance with OS X multi-core and 64bit Computers.

What tablet are you using that has a wacom screen/stylus? the only wacom screen offering i see is the one that's like 21"

Religious zealots are moderate compared to PC-MAC fundamentalists.

[personal preference and economics: i rest my case]

PS people who buy a MBA probably go to Hawaii twice a year anyhow,
people who buy a $300 pc netbook will never see the island in their lifetime

this Do the math thing its a crap. I just compared the 15 inches MBP and it says its 1849 but it is 1500. 1. they dont put screen resolution (where apple wins) 2. ilife comes with all macs, and its way better than windows live 3. online storage 20 gb 99US$ a year vs 25 gb free? are you kiddin me? first, I can use skydrive with macs also so I have 25 gb for free with macs also, and then, you pay for the mobileMe service that is a complete in the cloud solution..4. security protection.. macs: dont needed if you are a regular user (i dont have any antivirus installed on my mac and when i run online on demand antiviruses there is no viruses in my computer) and anyway, there are free options out there... the antivirus that comes with free with windows its a crap and you have to buy another one to be protected .. and then no talk abbout thuntherbird, magsafe adapter, huge multitouch trackpad and comfortable keyboard, no fan sound, very customizable OS.....

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