Microsoft launches msnNOW sidebar beta for Firefox

Microsoft would almost certainly like for people to use its Internet Explorer browser for all of their web surfing needs. However, there are a number of other competing browsers out there and today, Microsoft released a new add-on for Mozilla's Firefox that offers some content from Microsoft's MSN site.

In a post on Microsoft's MSN blog, the company announced that the first public beta version of its msnNOW sidebar is now available for download for Firefox. When installed, the browser brings up the sidebar, which shows which stories, people and events are currently trending on the website. Microsoft says:

Our editors scour the most interesting trends from real-time sources like Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and, so you'll always know what's happening and get the jump on what everyone is talking about. Now Firefox users can stay up to date on the social conversation and emerging trends via a glance-able sidebar on the right hand side of the screen.  If you see something interesting, simply click on the headline and you be taken to msnNOW where our expert editors provide key insights on why it’s trending, if it's true, what people are saying about it and where to find out more.

Microsoft already offers a way for Firefox users to quickly establish MSN as their home page, and Bing as their search engine, with the Firefox with MSN plug-in.

Source: MSN blog | Image via Microsoft

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Why would anyone even want to use this? On Firefox too? Would've at least made some sort of sense on IE with both being MS properties and all that but Firefox?

AWilliams87 said,
The MSNnow crew is ran by college students or something.

I'd say older people. I don't know any college student or anyone young that uses sidebars anymore.

Jaybot said,

I'd say older people. I don't know any college student or anyone young that uses sidebars anymore.

Oh, well I meant the writers. If you read their content, seems definitely college students.

I will never love MSN, they need to stay in the past, their style will never change or get any better. I know it's not about myself, but I'm just saying.