Microsoft launches Thrive for IT professionals

In this economic downturn, IT professionals around the world are faced with challenges they never thought they would face in their careers. From reducing costs to advancing current technology, companies across the globe are looking for resources to help them make it through these tough times. We all know that Microsoft is one of the worlds most successful corporations, so the company has launched a website called Microsoft Thrive.

The website is entirely Silverlight-based, with Microsoft CIO (Chief Information Officer) Tony Scott introducing you to the program on the home page. Scott gives a quick overview of the resources featured on the website and states that he's excited about the program and that Microsoft wants to share their best practices. The resources are divided into three major categories:

Browsing through the website you will find videos, documents, podcasts, analytics reports, certification tips and training, case studies, and much more. So if you're an IT professional, Microsoft Thrive is the to go for very helpful resources for managing your IT career, enhancing your technical skills, or finding out some of Microsoft's best business practices.

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Microsft has always bent over backwards for their developers and provided a lot of assistance and some fantastic ISV programs. I'm kind of surprised to see how sh!tty the audio and narration is on the videos I checked out. I really prefer hearing someone talk that knows what they're saying rather than someone just speaking like they're on an infomercial. It makes me blush, like hearing an idiot movie star say something about "breaking into the back door with a 128-bit cipher." I'd rather they do it MSDN or Channel 9 style. The content here also seems to be a bit shallow. This seems more like buzz-word education than something that will truly be a good resource with value.

Be careful :NSFW! (because this website decided to play a video automatically).

At first view :don't work in firefox and its just a ads site where Microsoft tried to fool you about TCO, useless tips and mumbo jumbo concepts for scam starter and non-it users, pretty ineffective for real professional.

Its say you can save $300/pc at year switching from xp to vista about mobile computing (!).

"The website is entirely Silverlight-based..." Yeah right, Microsoft loves you, install Silverlight and use IE. Go hang, Microsoft.

Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes. - Bible, Proverbs 26:4

Microsoft loves IT Professionals which is why they developed the site in Silverlight. If you can't use Intenet Explorer then this website isn't targeted for you anyway.

A bit ironic that someone who loathes Microsoft as much as you even tried to get into the site.

NickFritz said,
Not loading in firefox... they have now "lost" heaps of IT Professionals ;)

No they haven't because IT professionals know sometimes you have to use software you don't love to get your work done.

If you are struggling with Intenet Explorer than you don't deserve to be called a 'professional' and this website isn't for you anyway. Trainee might be more appropriate.