Microsoft Launches - Ultimate Extras?

Microsoft has provided an update for its Vista Ultimate plans. is a new website where Microsoft is hosting "blueprints" of the best PCs available and exactly what you can achieve with them. Although the domain name was transferred last October, Microsoft has only decided to make use of it now.

A small section of the site is "ultimate exclusives". According to Microsoft these are not replacing Ultimate Extras. The reason given for the poor amount of extras is the high amount of testing and quality required for them to ship. I would love to see Microsoft simply release powertoys like they did with XP. In Vista you are not even able to right click a picture and resize it quickly without using 3rd party software. Extras like the XP powertoys are similar to what people expect. will be directed to Microsoft is teaming up with various partners to offer discounts to ultimate customers. It's not clear how they will ensure only ultimate customers have access to the discounts. One of the interesting discounts available is Stardock's Multiplicity Pro for only $29.95 .

Until Microsoft start providing a time line about Ultimate Extras this is little more than a marketing site with little benefit to those who have paid a premium price for a poker game and to play videos as desktop wallpapers. Hopefully the new site will provide a place for the ultimate team to communicate to the community its current and future plans.

How do you feel about the new site? Please leave your comments below.


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Really? awesome! I might try that on my Home Premium install my new machine came with Ultimate as a free upgrade (normally comes with Home Premium) so I can't complain.

Yea i was suprised also to see microsoft using flash, I definitely thought they would be using silverlight maybe the windows vista ultimate team has no silverlight experience or feels more comfortable using flash... perhaps they should just take a look there, also i sent them a friendly email asking them why...lets see if i get a response...

(Chaks said @ #4)
hmm...I thought the site would be built of SilverLight...but.... :P

You would almost expect a project like this would have been Silverlight required.

lol. I was going to post the exact same comment. I thought they are promoting Silverlight...? Maybe they like Flash better themselves...

(Avi said @ #4.3)
lol. I was going to post the exact same comment. I thought they are promoting Silverlight...? Maybe they like Flash better themselves... :)

Maybe their designers don't entirely know how to use it yet? ever think of that? They do contract out a lot of their design stuff to 3rd party designers... who probably work mainly in flash!

this is kind of like , what fashion magazines are for women .... things that they hope will make you say 'i want'

I must say that I am VERY disappointed in the number of "extras" that have come about. I mean, what have we been given lately? If they want to try and rectify the numbers of people disappointed with Vista, Microsoft has got to start showing the goods. And I will NOT pay even a discounted price for software, I should get it for free after all the extra money I spent getting Ultimate.

i am probably wrong. probably for sure.

but i hope m$ surprises me with something amazing that took so long because it was "tested over and over and over for quality"

this site seems like it just wants to sell me things at reduced prices. and by reduced i mean what they should have charged as a digital distro in the first place.

p.s. it was hard for me to type m$ but i do feel duped on paying more for remote desktop, iis (even though if i had a real website it would justify the cost) and ultimate extras. i am very happy with vista though.

(gigapixels said @ #15)
Strange how they're not using Silverlight... You would expect them to flog that as much as possible.

You mean after all the other Silverlight announcements today? Or how they want to make Silverlight a requirement for Windows Update? I guess they figured people might get suspicious if they pushed Silverlight here too.

That's Microsoft for you, subtle as a sledgehammer. The entire tech industry and consumers know the scams MS is trying to pull, but MS still thinks it's 1995 and it can continue to get away with this monopolistic ****. Well, it will be fun watching MS fall on its *** repeatedly.

"One of the interesting discounts available is Stardock's Multiplicity Pro for only $29.95 ."

This advertisement is brought to you by Stardock, your edge in software.

MODS: Please move up to part of thread that echos "Why is MS using Flash instead of Silverlight"

Obviously the poster didn't read ANY of the comments, but we forgive him this time.

contents aside... I like how most MS made sites are looking lately, in my opinion MS makes the best looking websites that any major company has (including design "gods" apple)

MS are using Flash on that site because I think that alot of visitors to that site (trying to think like MS) can't install silverlight (no rights etc)

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