Microsoft lists certified Windows To Go hardware

We have talked about Windows To Go in the past, a feature in Windows 8 that allows users to to copy their entire Windows 8 installation onto a secure USB drive. That drive can then be plugged into any PC or laptop which will then boot up that's user's copy of Windows 8, with all of their personal and business files.

Today, Microsoft announced the five companies that are currently selling certified Windows To Go USB drives for Windows 8. All of the drives must go through a series of tests by Microsoft in order to receive the official Windows To Go certification: the tests include making sure that the drives have high random read/write speeds and boot on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 hardware.

Imation is one of the five Windows To Go hardware companies. It is selling the IronKey Workspace USB Flash drive, shown above, in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB versions. Kingston is selling the DataTraveler Workspace Flash drive, which also comes in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB versions.

SPYRUS sells two Windows To Go certified Flash drives; the unencrypted Portable Workplace and the hardware encrypted Secure Portable Workplace. Again, each come in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB versions. Super Talent sells the RC8 Flash drive in 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Western Digital is the only one of the five companies that sells a Windows To Go certified external hard drive. The WD My Passport Enterprise has 500 GB of hard drive space.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Imation

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Windows to go is an excellent feature but if you don't have a copy of the enterprise edition there are plenty of ways to do it yourself! PM me if you'd like some instructions

I installed Windows To Go on a USB 3.0 1TB Toshiba non certified external hard drive.

I did it by using a Windows 8 Pro ISO, on a Windows 8 Pro computer, by using Command Prompt.

Took a total of about 30-45 minutes.

I am now able to have my own workspace that i can use within my college, I dont have to rely on storing my files (Visual Studio projects, etc) on a regular flash drive or on the cloud.

Plus, I can take my software with me.

Windows To Go is amazing. Hopefully Microsoft introduces it to the consumer market soon.

I want to do this with BackTrack Linux. Sadly it acts more like a Live USB rather than something like Windows to Go.

You can do it with BackTrack and all you need to do is boot into a VMware instance with BackTrack Live ISO, insert you USB stick and then run the BackTrack install. The trick is not to attach a hard drive in the VM. Works great even dual booting with Windows 8 To Go.

I have tried lots of drives and the non certified ones are not reliable as trying to install apps like Chrome will fail or opening system protection.

These two drives work great with my favorite being the Kingston for it sure speed. Both are fast WTG drives but the Kingston really feels faster than the rest.

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace
Atto - 8K Read/Write 220/230K
Crystal - Seq - 235/95
Crystal - 512K - 144/86
Crystal - 4K - 13/26

SuperTalent RC8
Atto - 8K Read/Write 210/260K
Crystal - Seq - 141/33
Crystal - 512K - 121/33
Crystal - 4K - 6/14

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