Microsoft locked in battle with feisty new kid on the block

There is no question that Microsoft Windows, the name of the dominant personal computer operating system, is one of the leading brands in the world. Today, Windows is the face of computing for nearly 400 million people worldwide - the software that determines the look and basic operations of more than 90 per cent of PCs.

But success, money and monopoly, it seems, do not put even so familiar a name as Microsoft Windows beyond challenge. An upstart company,, is trying to persuade the United States District Court in Seattle to invalidate Microsoft's trademark on Windows. At issue is the level of legal protection that should, or should not, be accorded to an ordinary word that Microsoft adopted as its own: windows.

The litigation so far - a mounting pile of evidence and briefs - provides a detailed narrative of the origins and rise of a mega-brand, and a primer on trademark law.

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News source: NY Times

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While Microsoft are the best at marketing you have Lindows who I compare more to Hyenas or Wolves because they steal and scavenge. The ideas behind Lindows came [b]directly[/b] from the Linux community and open source yet their distribution is not open source or freely available.

Whats more they are using the success of Windows to sell their product (if it was free then I can understand) but they are profiteering from the negative marketing they have created.

I hope the Judge upholds Microsoft's concerns because even if Windows is a generic name and term it isn't when associated with Computers. Windows is a name made as big as it is by Microsoft through correct marketing and obviously a decent product.

I am appalled at Lindows tactics to ride off the open source community to sell other peoples contributing work and profiteering from another companies hard work and effort. They should be forced to come up with something that doesn't take the **** out of business practice in general.