Microsoft loses "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" as Xbox One launch game [Update: back on the list]

Microsoft's list of launch games for the Xbox One has been cut down by one more title. Warner Bros. Interactive has told MCV that "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes", the latest game in the long running LEGO series of family titles, won't be released for the Xbox One in time for the console's launch on November 22nd.

The announcement did not state why there would be a delay in the game's release and the publisher did not offer a new date for the game's Xbox One appearance, saying only it would provide one " ... as soon as possible." "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" will still be released on several platforms on Friday, including as a PlayStation 4 launch title.

Microsoft originally listed 23 games that it said were "targeted" for the launch of the Xbox One in the U.S. back in August. Since then, Ubisoft decided to delay one of those games on the list, "Watch_Dogs", to spring 2014, for both the PS4 and Xbox One. A few weeks ago, PopCap Games also confirmed that another title on the list, Peggle 2, would miss the Nov. 22 launch date but would still be released for the console sometime in December. That means the Xbox One will be released next week with 20 games.

Update: Microsoft's Larry Hryb has now posted word on his Twitter feed that "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" is still a launch title for the Xbox One.

Source: MCV | Image via Warner Bros. Interactive

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Still looking for <T-rated games at launch. I figured this was the one that be of a reliable quality. Not so confident about Zoo Tycoon and the golf game.

neonspark said,

Oh wait, nobody was going to buy it.

spudtrooper said,
oh darn.. like anyone voluntarily pays 59 dollars for another lego game?

I really like the Lego games, but I like the $20-30 price for the PC version better, and even better still, the $5-7 I've gotten a couple of them for on a lucky sale find.

Not that I even have an Xbox, but still...

AmazingRando said,
We are generating all the Lego's in the cloud!

fun fact: SimCity 3000's rendering engine made it look like your buildings were made of Legos when you ran out of memory and had to redraw the entire screen. Ah, the good old days of a 350mhz K6-2 with 32mb of ram...

It's better now then to release and it being such a crappy experience with the game and have people not want to come back to them.

The loss of a few sales now is better than crappy play/bugs going viral on the internet and hurting the whole brand.

Ditto that, I don't care what platform it is, rushed buggy releases suck, better late and working 100%. Having something not working right on a console's launch is even worse.