Microsoft Lumia Cyan update won't fully roll out in India until September

Microsoft recently rolled out the very latest version of its mobile OS – Windows Phone 8.1 Update – to early adopters under the Preview for Developers program. This latest release is the next version on from Windows Phone 8.1, which has only recently begun rolling out to devices.

On Microsoft’s Nokia handsets, Windows Phone 8.1 is being released to users alongside the latest ‘Cyan’ firmware, designed exclusively for its Lumia devices. The rollout is happening right now, and many carriers and markets around the world have already seen the Cyan update and Windows Phone 8.1 become available.

But one market that will have to wait a bit longer is India. Microsoft India published a schedule of its planned rollout of Windows Phone 8.1 with Cyan, indicating that many devices will have to wait as long as September before the update will be available for all users there.

So far, the Lumia 1520, 1320, 925 and 625 have all received clearance for rollout, so if you haven’t yet received the update notification in India for one of those devices, it might well be coming pretty soon, so keep checking.

The Lumia 520 and the 41-megapixel Lumia 1020 will both be getting Windows Phone 8.1 with Cyan this month, so if you’ve got one of those devices in India, hang in there – it’s coming soon.

But it’s bad news for owners of the Lumia 525, 620, 720, 820 and 920 – Microsoft India says that the update won’t be arriving for any of those devices until September.

Once all of these updates are finally complete, Microsoft’s going to have to repeat the process again, to roll out the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Update (as Microsoft insists on calling it, but which most people refer to as ‘Update 1’), when it emerges from Preview. 

Source: @windowsphoneind via WinBeta

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psreloaded said,
This is probably true for the whole world for country variant devices.

Not all. Italy CV is already available for the Lumia 920, which I already flashed on my phone.

psreloaded said,
This is probably true for the whole world for country variant devices.

Not true: I have a 920, Italy CV as well, and I have Cyan already.
Besides it does not make sense at all: CV devices do not need to go through the preposterous " carriers testing" phase therefore should be the first ones to receive updates and not the opposite.

Still, the CV versions don't seem to be available than carrier-bound ones.

But nevermind, due to the super trade secret nature of how this entire software release management works for WP, and all the actions done in the background by MS, OEM and carriers, the only damn thing we can do is: speak about it on gossip sites like neowin. In order to generate them ad revenue on all such gossip-articles, where we don't get any step closer to the backstage happenings, so we jsut speculate with each other, while none of us works for the WP release team @ MS, nor for any phone maker OEM, nor for any worldwide carrier. So its really a waste of time to start commenting or debating on these topics, you wont get any information that for sure is true or correct if only other clueless phone-owners comment here.