Microsoft Mahjong and Solitaire make it to Windows RT

As a somewhat proud owner of Microsoft’s Surface RT, I was a little disappointed to find some key apps missing from the Windows Store. Solitaire has long been an expected addition to any new version of Windows, and some years ago Microsoft added Mahjong to its mix.

Now it seem the prayers of RT-loving casual gamers everywhere have been heard by Microsoft. If you’ve already used them on Windows 8, you’ll get the exact same experience on Windows RT. However, the games do take a little longer to load – initially and throughout the game. I’m still expecting Microsoft to significantly address performance issues in the short-term future.

Performance aside, the games are fun and have had a visual overhaul since Windows 7. Of course they’re also touch friendly, and feature Xbox integration. Now if only I could play Mahjong against my friends, or maybe my mother.

If you’re interested in trying them out, on a Windows RT or Windows 8 device, follow these links: Microsoft Mahjong and Microsoft Solitaire Collection

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The world is saved! Thanks to Microsoft for making sure we have Solitare and Mahjong on RT... Now peace will break out in the Middle East and we will all have unicorns.

...Seriously, guys. This is news worthy? really?

bount time....

Don't know why this would take soo long,

Good to see it finally here...

Now I need SunAge completed for ARM and im a happy Surface user

Windows 8 comes with the free (add-supported) Microsoft Mahjong and Solitaire available in the Windows Store. They are great time sinks, and the addition of daily challenges keeps me coming back. It is probably the most time I spend choosing on the Start Screen. Also, Pinball FX2 and some of the adventures (HODA?) are very nice on Windows 8. The two Microsoft ones have in-game commercials and I am very tired of the Cadillac/ATS one. But it gives me reason to take a break, stand and stretch, pet the cat, etc.

I assume most of these will become available on Windows RT if not already.

Is there not a pay version of these classic games? It's not that I don't like ads, but it'd be nice to have an option. It's a big shift from having it included in Windows with no ads, to now having to find and download it and deal with ads too. Though I do realize it may have better gameplay and graphics, a pay option would be nice.

I don't like the idea of video ads interrupting gameplay though. Do they not show up if the Internet access is closed off? Also, it'd be nice if they made the classic games more Metro style, or at least have some kind of Metro theme as an option.

It could be worse, you could see that god awful "Life of Pi" ad every time. I get up and leave the computer now when that garbage comes on, because you can't skip it, and if you take focus away from the game on a multi-monitor setup, it pauses the stupid video (Unless it didn't have focus when it started).

Fortunately though, you only see the ads with the daily challenges, not the stand-alone games.

I think the latest stat is that 95% of apps are RT compatible so it's not really something to worry about. If you write the code from scratch it's pretty hard to make it incompatible. It's only when you try and port code when you get real problems like I dare Microsoft did with their ex-desktop suite of games!