Microsoft makes it easier for some businesses to switch Office 365 plans

If a business is successful, it may need to add more employees, and that usually means more resources are needed to support those new team members. If a growing business is also using Microsoft's Office 365, that also means its current subscription plan may not be adequate for the number of new employees that need to access the software. This week, Microsoft announced that it should be easier now for at least some businesses to switch to a different Office 365 plan.

In a new Office blog post, Microsoft stated: 

Previously, switching between plans required customers to manually reassign user licenses and call Office 365 support to cancel the old subscription. With the new Switch plans wizard, many plan changes can be done without calling support or manually reassigning licenses. The Switch plans link does not appear if there are no available target plans for a subscription to switch to.

The new Switch wizard can currently only be used by businesses that have 300 or less Office 365 subscriptions. Also, only a limited amount of plans can be upgraded using the Wizard, although Microsoft is working to add more plans in the near future. The Wizard cannot be used to upgrade a trial version of Office 365 to a paid plan, nor can plans with any add-ons be switched.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I pray my company switches back to Office... they switched to Google last year and it's been nothing but hell ever since. Every single person I work with and in various departments have complained plus the apps just feel so basic and doesn't provide full enterprise features and integration Office does.

Its about time they did this.

However im currently £14 a month better off using their basic old plan and then paying for office 365 on top of that.

They need to work out prices abit more.

I still don't know why Google is not improving the Google Docs User Interface? The latest Chrome has so much API that they can rewrite Docs to look like the latest Call of Duty, not that they should write it the same way, but hey, all the API to make it better are there, and have been there since 2 years.

The server infrastructure is there, just about everything is there.

And still, when you get very smart people to work together, you usually get very stupid results, like the menus and toolbars of Google Docs, and the limited items in them.