Microsoft May Build a Copyright Cop Into Every Zune

If you like to download the latest episodes of "Heroes" or other NBC shows from BitTorrent, maybe you shouldn't buy a Microsoft Zune to watch them on.

A future update of the software for Microsoft's portable media player may well include a feature that will block unauthorized copies of copyrighted videos from being played on it.

Tuesday, Microsoft announced that it would start selling video programming for the Zune, mainly TV shows. These include programs from NBC Universal, which has pulled its shows off Apple's iTunes Store.

Late Tuesday afternoon I reached J. B. Perrette, the president of digital distribution for NBC Universal, to ask why NBC found Microsoft's video store more appealing than Apple's.

He explained that NBC, like most studios, would like the broadest distribution possible for its programming. But it has two disputes with Apple.

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And just with WGA, the only people freaking out are the people that are worried about the legality of their media.

Like WGA, this has absolutely no effect on those who only have legal media.

What a horrible thing for Microsoft to do, punish the criminals! We praise them when they fight spammers but when they fight pirates that's a bad thing? Get real.

I smell a lawsuit since they would be changing the way the Zune works after the consumer has purchased the Zune. They can't release software that cripples the Zune after the user has bought it knowing that it worked for what they needed.

It would be like the Zune being sold to support MP3 and WAV files and then a few months later dropping and blocking the capability of it playing MP3s in favor of microsofts music file extension. (I was just using wav as an example)

(Peewee210 said @ #6)
Okay...that has put me off buying a Zune now. Hello iPod.

That's exactly why this rumor was started. Have fun with that inferior iPod.

This is like DRM crap all over again. When is M$ gonna wise the hell up and realize they can't do this anymore. I am a owner of a Gen2 Zune and I will be putting my Zune on ebay just when I see that update go into effect! I will also encourage anyone I ever run into not to buy a Zune..

YOU HEAR THAT YOU M$ Employee Trolls that are on here, Kiss my ass!!!

Roar happy freaking Thursday!!

(RawGutts said @ #5)
TI will be putting my Zune on ebay just when I see that update go into effect!

Unfortunately no one will want to buy it, especially if you bad mouth the product as you have in your post ;)

Microsoft hardware is hopeless, right down to the Xbox 360's that had a 60% (first year) failure rate. When will people learn?

Ridiculous move by Microsoft. Do they honestly expect people to buy a Zune now that such technology will be incorporated in the future?

Just another sign that MS's ultimate demise is just around the corner.

(LinuxForever said @ #1)
Just another sign that MS's ultimate demise is just around the corner.

I'm sorry, what? Baseless and incorrect.


(Benjo85au said @ #4.1)

I'm sorry, what? Baseless and incorrect.

Regardz :)

Heh, fair enough, was just trolling. I actually don't think Linux will take much market share to be honest, but I do enjoy watching the fanboys who think MS will collapse. Just wanted to try out the stereotype for a change.

Sorry for wasting your time.

Be careful how you name your videos then. If your last name is Simpson, don't call your family video "The Simpsons".

This is a great way to ensure the Zune NEVER takes off. Great job.

Sounds dubious to me.

How exactly is a small portable player going to have the processing capacity to analyse a video file to determine if it's a copyrighted item or not? Also wheres it going to get the list of copyrighted shows from?

No Zune for me then, thanks.

You can ask me to pay for the music and videos (and I gladly will), but don't police what I put on the player. That's where I draw the line.

(GreyWolfSC said @ #1.2)

A lot of anti-MS stuff is coming out of Cupertino... How sad...

how sad - sprouting off with a shred off evidence to back up your claim