Microsoft may partner with Showtime on Halo TV series

Microsoft announced plans to develop a live action TV series based on its Halo sci-fi shooter game franchise nearly a year ago, but since then, the company has offered little in the way of details. Today a new report from Variety reveals that Microsoft is in talks with cable TV network Showtime and that could lead to the show being broadcast first on that network.

The report claims that if the deal is made, the Halo series would be run on Microsoft's Xbox Live network after they are shown on Showtime, but each episode would also have "enhanced interactivity" that will be put in especially for the gamer-centric audience. Variety's story also claims it is close to making deals with a pair of unnamed showrunners for the Halo series that will use a bible that was written by noted Hollywood screenwriter Stuart Beattie; the series will still have Steven Spielberg as an executive producer.

Microsoft said earlier this week that the Halo TV series was one of the projects it was "committed" to make as part of its Xbox Originals TV and film lineup. It's also making a separate Halo digital feature film which reportedly began filming this week

Source: Variety | Image via Microsoft

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I certainly would be interested in seeing such a show, but since I don't have a TV anymore, I'm hoping they offer a streaming option.


Aryeh Goretsky

goretsky said,

That's just silly.
Give up a modern convenience and then complain you can't enjoy the content it offers.

All of the so-called cord cutters are doing is ensuring the death of the medium.

With Spielberg, 343, and MS overlooking the production value of HALO, I am seeing true game to movie adaptation.

There's nothing wrong with ShowTime showing it first. Firstly, the monthly cost for premium channel cost somewhere $25/month vs $4 a month on Xbox live. I am sure, ShowTime apps on Xbox live would be exclusive. Maybe there's ShowTime apps on Xbox, who knows, I don't pay cables anymore.

I'm sure there will be an extra fee to watch these shows once they become available on Xbox, I don't think they will put out all their content for free. But maybe there will be an bundled promotional subscription in a premium edition of the next Halo game or something.

I'm surprised they're going to forego Xbox exclusivity, it could have helped push their platform and cement the idea of the Xbox One as a media platform.

If it's on Showtime, it is a wider audience. If it's a good program, some people might get interested in the game and the extra interactive features Xbox Live will provide for the show.