Microsoft Misses the Search Bronze Medal

ComScore's new search metrics coughed up some bad news for Microsoft: Fourth place. This morning, the analyst firm announced August worldwide search statistics using its qSearch 2.0 measurement system. ComScore reported 61 billion searches by people 15 or older, with Microsoft sites (e.g., Live and MSN) accounting for a mere 2.16 billion searches.

No surprise, Google took the top spot, with 37.1 billion searches. How Google's number breaks down is interesting. Only 31 billion searches were from the main search engine, with YouTube accounting for another 5 billion.

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Google grew so big in the era of banners (pre google), and web site clutter, ads, and cramming everything in to a page... google focused on quailty serach results and fast clean easy to use design.

jstillion said,
quailty serach results

The quality of Google's search is very debatable in my opinion, but still my no. 1 provider for the sheer fact that it's functional, and [eventually] I always get what I searched for.