Microsoft: More 128 GB Surface Pros in stores by Saturday

Microsoft sold out of its first batch of the 128 GB versions of its Surface Pro tablet within a few hours of its launch on Saturday. So far, Microsoft has not commented on just how many units it had available for the launch of the Windows 8 Pro tablet and some conspiracy-minded Internet commenters have suggested that Microsoft kept the supplies low in order to brag that it "sold out" of the tablet on the first day.

Today, as part of a chat on Twitter's Microsoft Surface team leader Panos Panay said that more units of the 128 GB Surface Pro would be made available at Microsoft Store and Best Buy locations by Saturday. Again, he declined to state just how many more units would be shipped.


It's a safe bet that this second batch of Surface Pros will not be able to solve the current shortage problems, so if you really want one and live near a Best Buy or Microsoft Store in the U.S. and Canada, we suggest calling that store up to see if you can find out exactly when they will be put on sale.

Source: Panos Panay on Twitter

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I got the 128g model today at BB and I must say that it is great device. It is extremely fast, screen is great and the pen is the best. I called BB yesterday and they said that only one 128g was shipped on this truck. I went there today and got it while it was being unpacked from the truck. I just wish that a mini display port to hdmi adapter was included. Pretty lame considering the price for the device. I priced an adapter on monoprice and it is $6.53. I guess this is the way all companies are going to make more money. All things considered this is a great device.

Yeah, see, I'm not sure we got too many at our location either. It's one thing to say "we're sold out", but another thing when we've sold out of a very small supply. That's one thing that concerns me thus far, in regards to people saying their sold out.

I think Microsoft needs to push for more supply.

Got to a MS store to play with a pro today. That pen is just sexy. It's going to be a hard decision between the Surface Pro and the Lenovo competitor. Atom or i5... sigh.

You know...when you work for a Fortune 40 company you get special privileges. I have 3 of the 64GB and 2 of the 128GB Pros sitting on my desk as part of a pilot project. Have to love being a mobile architect

Well, I present this project to 4 different directors next week. If it goes well it actually has the potential to replace our iOS deployment. Which means we could expand this to over 15K devices. That doesn't mean we would use the Surface but a Win 8 tablet. I currently have tablets from 4 vendors I am testing.