Microsoft: More than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold

Microsoft has announced that it has sold 200 million Windows 8 licenses and the comment came from Tami Reller during the Goldman Sachs Technology & Internet Conference.

This is a massive number by any count as selling 200 million of any type of product or licenses is surely a milestone worth celebrating but it is notable that Microsoft was rather quiet about sales figures as the last update came in May of 2012

Based on the current rate of sales, from launch to today, Windows 8 is selling at a rate of a little over 420,000 licenses per day.  For reference, Microsoft sold roughly 240 million license of Windows 7 in a 12 month time period but it has taken Windows 8 15 months to hit 200 million sales. It’s quite clear that, while 200 million is a massive number, it is at a slower pace than Windows 7.  

Reller also noted that Microsoft is working reducing the footprint of Windows so that it will work well on smaller Windows devices, according to Mary Jo Foley, who spotted these nuggets of info while listening to the call. 

As Microsoft has adopted its rapid release cadence for Windows, we have already seen one big feature pack launch, Windows 8.1, and another smaller update will arrive in April that is called Windows 8.1 update 1.

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MaxBurke said,
I am a supporter of MS, but only this week I upgraded from 8.1 to Windows 7 on the grounds I just want my apps to work without constantly having to go into the compatibility assistant.

Don't get me started on the UI, Jackob Nielsen probably had a field day ripping 8 to shreds.

Such utter nonsense. Even ancient *games* (which are notoriously ill-compatible) such as Silent Hunter II, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Alpha Centauri and the first Splinter Cell run 100% fine and *without* any compatibility wizardry.

Windows 8 is amazingly compatible with older software and is perfect for retro-gaming as well as modern gaming, where DX3D games run up to 10% *faster* on Windows 8 than Windows 7.

MaxBurke said,
I just want my apps to work without constantly having to go into the compatibility assistant.
Which apps and which versions? Come on, name and shame.

From WPCentral:

Microsoft later reached out to the media and confirmed the statement made by its Executive Vice President of Marketing Tami Reller:

“Windows 8 has surpassed 200 million licenses sold, and we continue to see momentum. This number includes Windows licenses that ship on a new tablet or PC, as well as upgrades to Windows 8. The figure does not include volume license sales to enterprise. Windows is a central part of life for more than 1.5 billion people around the world, and we are looking forward to the future.”

The Joy I have found with Windows 8 is, and I'm reaching out to my counterparts who like the modern UI is that, MS got it right because they developed the OS and we desktop users who like our desktop environment can have what we want as well as all my counterparts who love the modern UI can have what you like and love.

I think I have found my peace in all this

Hmmmm......I wonder how Paul "FLIP-FLOP" Thurrott feels about this.

That guy is the worst ANALYST-BLOGGER in the history of the Internet. I remember a couple of years ago, he predicted Windows 8's success due to the fact that Stephen Sinofsky the lead runner on the project.

As usual, no breakdown on the numbers. There are not 200 million in use. These licenses are setting on shelves and in warehouses. We have an article it seems every month that PC and laptop sales are down. Also, as noted somewhere above, these numbers pale in comparison to Windows 7.

It is a lie because Windows 8 does not have over 200 million customers...... You look at the stats at

To find out the truth, you calculate Windows 8.0 users first which is 6.63%. Second, you calculate Windows 8.1 users which is 3.95%. The total usage share of 10.58%. So you calculate 0.1058 x 1.5 billion windows users. The final answer is 158 million Windows 8 customers. In this case Windows 8 is not a successful product and Microsoft lied to their own customers about their own Windows 8 users for no reason. MSFT should be held accountable for their own actions of lieing about windows 8 sales...... Fire Tami reller..... because 42 million portion of 200 million windows 8 users did downgrade their own computers or P.C's to Windows 7 SP1....... I hope someone better than Tami Reller creates better reliable and more appealing Windows Operating System which does not force new user interfaces with choice based options, would you like metro ui with desktop app or you want to have traditional desktop with full Windows 7 style start menu...... Hope you make sure Windows 9 succeeds in the market place......... and you do not lie to your customers about Windows 8 sales before Windows 9 comes out........

justsilly said,
It is a lie because Windows 8 does not have over 200 million customers...... You look at the stats at
Because netmarketshare stats are so accurate. Right...

Agree. However, you will probably get many replies from people stating that a Windows 7 machine is easily available to the general public.

not really news as new systems are already installed with Windows 8/8.1

no different than saying jack daniels is a popular drink and has more usage.. almost all bars carry JD

No, they are licensed with Windows 8.x, not necessarily installed with Windows 8.x

And it would seem that makes a difference...

Raa said,
No, they are licensed with Windows 8.x, not necessarily installed with Windows 8.x

And it would seem that makes a difference...

But don't OEM's have to purchase or license each copy they install? like before I were to buy a new system? I basically just cover the difference of cost when I buy the system. my point was, if that is the case, example: Dell could have 10,000,000 pc's and laptops with win8 on them in a wharehouse and that is being figured into that total sales number if my guess is correct.

That's true, but what i'm saying is:
I buy a new computer from Dell, I ask for it with Windows 7 Pro. They ship it with a Win 8 license, but it comes with Win 7 preinstalled.

That counts as a Win 8 sale, despite the fact it's actually a Win 7 install.

Sales does not equal installs. We, as no doubt others, have bought several machines with Win8 Pro over the last year; but, (other than a couple of virtual machines for software testing), we do have a single Win8 machine in the Company.
As an electronics equipment design and manufacturer, Metro brings zero value to us; but would entail retraining production staff, and waste our developers time when the have to keep switching back to the desktop to do their development work.
I am sure Metro is great at home, and maybe for media based organisations; but I just cannot see what it brings to the myriad of businesses and business types, that use Windows on a daily basis.

This is Windows failure at its best. For all those hatin' on Windows 8, take that.
Though I still don't like Windows 8, I have managed to get it setup so much like Windows 7, that I don't even think I am in 8, until the Start Screen popup once in a while to make some settings changes.

To me 8 is no loss or no gain from Windows 7. Other than I have an SSD now and Windows 8 boots in literally 7 secs.

EasyPHP has been causing a major headache, even under Admin the browser will often hang trying to access localhost.

Manually having to set up a scheduled event just to get peer block among other apps to load on start up wasn't encouraging.

I'm pro MS, don't own a single apple product, but Microsoft really failed to emulate the success generated from the public preview of Win7 with Win8.


Largely specified in the subject number is wound. In Ukraine, for example, it is almost impossible to find new PC with pre-installed Windows 7 because of local (or maybe worldwide) flawed policy of Microsoft. So you just have no choice.

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