Microsoft My Phone, first impressions

Microsoft unveiled its new service called My Phone, a service to sync text messages, photos, video, contacts and more to the Web, at the Mobile World Congress. The My Phone service helps users to automatically upload photos and video from their Windows phone directly to the My Phone service. The My Phone service is currently available in a limited invitation-only beta

Once you get access to the My Phone service, you can download and install the My Phone installer cab to your Windows phone. Below is the installation walkthrough

My Phone Home Page

Once you install and setup your Windows phone with My Phone service, you can now access your My Phone home page in the web

You can now browse through your Windows phone items here

Connected Phones





Adding New Items to Web

As you can see in the above screenshots, you can also upload new items and sync them at your next restore. For example, I uploaded a new document to my Documents folder in my web

Once the upload is over, the new document is uploaded in my web

To restore to your phone, you just need to select that document and choose to restore to your phone

And it is ready to be restored in your next sync

Deleted Items

The My Phone web also has a Deleted Items folder. The items that you delete in the web goes to this Deleted Items folder which can be later restored or deleted permanently

And your home page too notifies about the deleted items

Final Verdict

My Phone service is slick, great if you want to backup and restore your Windows Phone completely. Though you cant select your custom folders in the Windows Phone, you could very well include storage card (photos,videos,music,documents) if any to sync. You cannot sync contacts, calendar and tasks to My Phone service if its already set up to sync with an Exchange Server. The sync process was pretty quick and I was able to see the synced items in the web immediately. Currently, My Phone service storage is only 200 MB, but it would be certainly useful if the storage is increased in the near future. I would love to see Windows Live Calendar, Windows Live Skydrive, Windows Live Contacts integrated into My Phone.

If you have not signed up yet for My Phone, then hurry up!

Some useful links if you do ever need help for My Phone

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Microsofts newest service: My Fail

This is the newest brand we ripped of from other compatitors because we fail with making our own stuff.

Same old story with MS really.

Oh look, you have an Apple logo in your profile, what a surprise :rolleyes:. Bashing everything MS, especially things you haven't used, is getting boring now.

Microsofts newest service: My Fail

This is the newest brand we ripped of from other compatitors because we fail with making our own stuff.

Same old story with MS really.

Nothing was ripped. You're really nerd to think Apple always comes first with every invention... they DO RIP too.

Looks good but depends how much it will cost. Hopefully less than MobileMe which I think is a bit too pricey for what it is.

I can see this being linked to the Live services like Calendar and Contacts. I have to say this is a very good thing on Microsofts end. I think they are turning over a new leaf with consumers.

I dont think we will ever see this linked with the Skydrive, If anything MS will try and get customers to purchase more space for storage.

Why can't they make this part of the Live network?! Why do they have to make another seperate thing! GRRRRR
Live is a great platform, keep it all in there!

This does indeed seem better than mobileme, which I am glad as Apple will have to pull their finger out now!

This will seriously blow the knackers off mobile me in terms of a free offering which is great microsoft have been in need of a service like this and with nokia and ovi and stuff coming it'll be good addition.

Yeah, now to just link this with the other live services they have like SKydrive and so on.

It's a shame that most of these are still not able to work together.

good stuff
I'm impressed that MS could do something properly that Apple failed at while trying (hope I'm not speaking too soon :p)

If you have money you can do a lot of good stuff... MS bought a portuguese software company that had developed this solution and they made a restyle of it.

Nothing is done for free that's for sure.

Now like the article says, MS needs to connect this to the other Live services they have going. Why can't this storage and others link to your Skydrive for example? Just be a folder named "MyPhone" in Skydrive?

But it's just beta for now so we'll see, still have months till this goes final with new winmo6.5 devices.

Well they have no excuse for failure. When it comes to sync they're way ahead on the innovation curve. Hench Apple and Google licensing AS.