Microsoft names winners of Surface Music Kit remix contest

In November, Microsoft launched a new contest with the chance to get a rare Surface Music Cover, along with a new Surface tablet. This week, the company announced the winners of the contest, which asked participants to remix Linkin Park and Steve Aoki's song "A Light That Never Comes."

As posted on the Surface blog, the grand prize winning remix was submitted by Brian Yates and you can listen to his interpretation of the song just above this post. Yates will not only get a Surface Pro 2 tablet with the Music Cover but also $2,500 and the release of his remix on both Xbox Music and an upcoming Linkin Park EP. The five runners up will each receive $500 as well as a Surface 2 and a Music Cover.

Microsoft showed off the Music Cover when it first announced the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 in September. However, the company has never revealed plans to release the Music Cover to the general public. We have emailed Microsoft to see if this special Surface accessory will become more widely available. In the meantime, Microsoft is sponsoring yet another Surface Music Mix contest at the Indaba Music website. This time, people are asked to submit their version of "Come On" by the Hives. The deadline for entries is December 17th.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I wanna remix songs but I don't know how. I remember someone giving me fruity loops (with all the goodies included/plugins etc..) one giant mechanical mess on my big screen... what to do what to do... lol... even tutorials were impossible to follow.

I won one of these on the Vine competition they did before this one, it's currently in transit I'll probably sell the Surface 2 straight away or give it to a family member as I already have a Surface Pro... but looking forward to trying out the Music Cover! I hope they never do release it, so I end up with something rare.

I despise such contests, all the good stuff always gets burried with lazy copycat wobbling out of context. For example Harel Tsemah's remix is ton times better (even technically) than 1st place, still not all that great.

I'm sorry but I don't trust indabamusic's contests.
Their rating system is just too easy to abuse.

Anyway, the remix is not bad but I'm sure he used other tools (acid/live/logic/fl) to create all the samples (and perhaps even, whole tracks) and then used Surface Cover Mix to "overlay" everything together. There's no way he did the whole mix in Surface Cover Mix.

xfx said,
There's no way he did the whole mix in Surface Cover Mix.

Who said he did? None of the participants had access to the covers. They're limited edition accessory and were just offered as reward along with the Surface 2 and cash to the contest winner.