Microsoft: 'No plans' to cut Xbox One price

In the last couple of days, some news outlets reported that Microsoft Spain had listed a new lower price for the Xbox One. The Spanish Xbox site listed the console at €349.99 EUR for the Kinect-free SKU, almost €50 cheaper than at present. Curiously, though, the lower price was only visible on the mobile version of the site. 

We read these reports too, but something didn't quite add up - in particular, the timing made very little sense, given that Microsoft has only recently launched the lower-cost version of the Xbox One without Kinect. It's also an odd time of year to be making a price cut, especially with the all-important holiday shopping season still months away. 

Predictably, Microsoft has now confirmed that there is no price cut on the way. A spokesperson for the company told TechRadar that the lower price was listed "in error", and that the company has no plans to reduce the Xbox One's price further - at least for the foreseeable future. 

Given that sales of the Xbox One have doubled since the cheaper Kinect-free version went on sale, that's not at all surprising - with significantly greater demand at current prices, there is little incentive for Microsoft to push prices down further right now.

Nonetheless, sales of Microsoft consoles continue to lag far behind those of its Sony rivals. The latest official figures from both companies show that combined sales of the PS3 and PS4 were more than three times higher than those of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One during the last quarter. 

​Source: TechRadar | image via Yahoo

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I feel sorry now for a Dutch news site. They actually believed this was true. Their news title was "Microsoft confirms Xbox One price drop to 350 euro."

I can't find the article anymore either. :p

Gamescon is next week in Europe and I wouldn't be surprised if they announced it then. Companies deny even when it's true, just not on their calender yet. Xbox isn't having a good time in Europe and only moderate success in the UK.

If there's matched in price to of there competitor, it may not make sense, that being out sold selling 3 to 1, they must feel with recent changes they will even out / catch up without having to do a price cut.

Don't understand why people are even annoyed by this error. The Xbox is already at (or below in some sales) the price of the PS4. On top of that, most of the bundles this fall come with a free $60 game or a year of Xbox Live Gold.

frett said,
You will be waiting a long time.

-shrug- Got a PS3 that keeps giving me more and more games with PS+. Besides, the PS4 and Xbox One are still playing catch up to their predecessors.

dead.cell said,
Let's see who gets to $299 first!

That'll be my sweet spot! Until then...

I'm in no rush to get any of the newer consoles. Will wait at least a few years until there are more games and for the expected drop in prices to get the PS4.

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