Microsoft offering $100 Technet discount till July 3

We've just received word that Microsoft has begun offering a discount on its Technet subscription. With Windows 7 coming out in October, this is a great time to sign up. Under this discount program, you can get a one year subscription for $249, a $100 discount below the normal price. While more expensive than most upgrade versions of Windows 7, it does offer users the full-versions of any SKU as well as many other Microsoft programs. Also, it is expected that these users will get Windows 7 before the general public in October.

Interested users can visit the following link and enter the promo code "TEYFY09" to get the discount. The offer is set to expire on July 3.

Update: We've just been notified that UK users can enter the promo code "TNCARE09" to get the same discount (£187.37 instead of £234.21) -- We'd also like to point out that Technet subscriptions are for testing purposes only and not designed for general retail or commercial use. Please be sure to read all Microsoft provided licencing documentation to be sure the use of this subscription is done in a legal and ethical way.

Link: Technet Subscriptions

Thanks to Chrono951 and InsaneNutter for the tip!

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I believe you can essentially browse the site. You just can't download or get keys.

That's the closest they can do to a trial of a trial.

OK so I got a subscription (in the UK) using the promo code. On the "Manage Subscriptions" page, however, I am seeing:

Expiration Date: 1/1/1900

Perhaps this is something to do with the fact that I took up that "free" technet deal on neowin a few weeks back... Anyone else seeing that?

If I recall, they send you an email so you "activate" the account that you'll need to do.

And then it takes a couple more days for the expiration to be accurate and the account to be fully "live."

Make sure their emails don't get dumped to spam, but don't worry about the expiration unless it's still that way in a week.

thanks i couldnt pass this up, just purchased
for Win & and Office 2010 this will be well worth it plus getting to just play around with so much other stuff

Geez, you "do gooders" are so lame. Write one line of code and your box is considered a "development" box, see, problem solved. Get over yourselves. In the end, you are STILL giving money to MS, so don't get your panties in a bunch.

Just purchsed in the UK, got the discount no problem, the odd thing is though, I was charged 21% vat, vat in the uk is only 15%

It tells you why you are paying higher VAT,

"If you choose subscription type of "Download only" products are supplied from Ireland. All subscribers located within the EU will be charged Irish VAT, currently at 21.5%. Swiss subscribers will be charged VAT currently 7.6%."

Thank you for the heads upp on the discount. After a lot of deliberation, I've gone and joined. Very happy. Again, thank you Neowin! :-)

Hey guys,

I live in Dubai (Middle East). Will I be able to take advantage of the discount? I tried both the U.S and U.K versions, when it comes to billing, I am unable to change the country to the United Arab Emirates.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


It is one year. And there is no expiration for the key.
But are downloads still available once the one year subscription has expired?


For those interested, you can buy a 1 year subscription for $307 with the code below:
TNSUMMER09 <-- Should discount from AU$512 to AU$307

Well I went ahead and did it, all registered and logged in. Looking forward to getting Win 7 Ultimate RTM and Office 2010 when they come out :-)) and I will be evaluating them for a very long time...

code is working in uk I am at the order page.

TechNet Plus Direct Download Only All Languages £234.21

the 234 is crossed out.

I do actually get multiple keys right so basically I can install win 7 ultimate 3 times (when released), and office 3 times so all my 3 pcs can umm evaluate latest windows and office?

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