Microsoft offering a Lumia 1020 or 1520 for used iPhone 4/4S or Galaxy S2

Microsoft has launched yet another offer this week, as part of which, it would give the customer a brand new Lumia 1020 or 1520 in exchange of select iPhone and Galaxy models.

According to the offer listed on Microsoft's online store, a customer can trade-in a used iPhone 4, 4S or a Samsung Galaxy S2 for a new Lumia 1020 or 1520 as per the customer's choice. The Lumia smartphones would come with a 2-year contract with AT&T. In case of existing AT&T users, it will be considered as an upgrade while non-AT&T users will have to sign up for a new contract. Customer may have to bear the regional taxes even though the new phone is free of cost.

Microsoft associates at the store would examine the customer's old smartphones for defects and missing components. Non-working or damaged devices will not be considered for the offer. The terms of the offer also mention that the smartphone to be traded-in should have all the accompanying accessories. 

The offer will be available at the Microsoft Stores till March 2nd similar to the Xbox Music and Exchange offers launched by Microsoft this week.

Source: Microsoft Store | Image via Phonearena 

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This sounded like a great deal until I read the '2-year contract' bit.

You get more money by selling your iPhone on eBay and then buying a new Lumia with the contract.

night_stalker_z said,
This sounded like a great deal until I read the '2-year contract' bit.

You get more money by selling your iPhone on eBay and then buying a new Lumia with the contract.

Probably but few people out of the millions who own phones bother to sell them on eBay.

I'd hazard a guess that they are getting ready to refresh product lines with 8.1

Hopefully an end to these plastic looking phones (even though I have a 920). I want a premium well spec'd windows phone with a metal body but can't find any contenders at present.

A sleek Windows Phone is what I've been asking for. Whenever I mention it, the usual people will come around and say that the current bulky plastic phones are already premium. I believe there is a market for slim, metal, sleek phones. Apple has proved this.

Steven P. said,
I ordered the 925 today (off contract) it has a metal body
Hmm, I wasn't aware that the 925 was metal. That's excellent. Time to go Google some pics....

Edit: Not bad Steven. I believe this is the best looking Windows Phone I've seen.

Well the 925 is metal. Personally I think the 720 is the perfect phone size (find my 920 a bit of a chubster) and find the plastic finish nicer than cold metal.

In the same way customisation wise that WP is between iOS and Android, so are the phones in build. Metal for Apple, cheap plastic for Samsung, Nokia with quality plastic having the "premium" feel similar to an iPhone.

Steven P. said,
Actually, isn't the 928 fully aluminum (back plate as well)? the 925 looks like it's metal with a plastic backplate.
Oh come on Steven. You got my hopes up. We want full metal.

Exactly. This isn't that great of a deal considering you have to sign a new contract.

Kind of a bummer since I'd probably pull my 4S out of the drawer and trade it in if there wasn't those strings attached.

On other carriers you might not have to pay as much as $100 on top of the contract deal for the 1020 (depending on your plan)

Not exactly a generous offer considering you can already get either of those devices for free on a 2yr Vodaphone contract (sub £30 per month) in the UK - and still have your old handset to sell on or keep if you wish.... hell, for £33p/m you can have the 1520 for free with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 1GB of data.

Seems like a raw deal for their home market customers IMO (or a slightly desperate ploy to get some older iPhone and 'droid flagship models out of circulation)

This is a great deal. Too bad, as always, it's US only. If Microsoft want to play serious then they should offer this worldwide for a month or so.

My AT&T contract doesn't end till November. I wonder if this can just extend the contract for two year from the date of purchase. I'd like to get the Lumia 1520.

Anyone know?

At this point, the only people who actually want Windows Phones are die-hard Microsoft fans.

This is a very very desperate move for Microsoft. Windows Phones offer nothing exciting for the consumer. If an iPhone or Galaxy phone user does the deal, they forfeit Siri, Google Now, Google Chromecast functionality.

Plus, does Microsoft plan to replace Apps purchased by the customer on these phones?

For me, do I really want to buy a SlingPlayer for Phones a second time, just to have it work on my Lumia 521? Nah.

Shame it is US only.
If they were doing this in the UK, without a silly 2 year contract, I'd grab a couple phones from eBay and upgrade
Nokia 920, but would like the 1020.

I think the one thing that peevs MS the most is when people say "Oh it's a great phone, but it wouldn't be my main phone. I'd probably keep it on the side".. xD

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