Microsoft offering up to $250 for your old smartphone or tablet

Microsoft has announced that it will offer up to $250 in retail store credit to customers who are willing to exchange their old smartphones and tablets.

The limited time offer, which started on February 2nd will be valid till March 2nd and enables users to purchase any product of the credit value from Microsoft's retail stores. To redeem the offer, customers must provide a working tablet or smartphone which will be inspected for defects, missing parts and overall condition. The terms and conditions for the offer mention that the valuation of the submitted product is subject to Microsoft's discretion and approval. Each customer can only trade-in one product according to the offers website and cannot cancel the transaction once approved.

Microsoft recently launched a similar offer for owners of older gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, giving users $100 in store credit to buy an Xbox One. This offer provides a broader option to the customers as one can purchase any product available at the Microsoft Stores in the United States and Canada using the store credit.

Source: Microsoft via The Next Web

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Would be nice if these Microsoft Store cards that they put the money on could be used on their website. I don't know much about how that's run, but it doesn't make sense to me.

So I have a original surface rt with touchpad with no issues or defects. I can walk into a MS store and get $250 for it and pay the balance for say a Xbox?

Can you do this through the web store or do you actually have to find a physical location? I think that would limit the amount of people who could take advantage of the offer.

So now will people realize the offer to buyback old consoles was not in 'desperation' or something highly unusual?

MS stores have had such programs for quite some time.

This offer is not bad depending on the model you have for trade in.

I upgraded to the 920, can I take in my old 900 with a crack glass but is still functioning and get some store credit?

"To be eligible for trade in, product must power on and be in fully functional, working condition without broken/missing components, cracked display/housing or liquid damage"

This isn't a bad program, many companies are offering similar things. It's basically for people that don't know how to sell their own devices on internet.

This is not good enough. A new Surface Pro 2 is still around the $1,000 range. This would not be enough to make me feel like switching, tbh.