Microsoft offers 3D maps for New York, other cities

Microsoft has enhanced its Windows Live Search Maps with a 3D map of New York, and throughout the day plans to rollout 3D cityscapes of U.S. cities Austin, Texas; Cape Coral, Florida; Cincinnati; Indianapolis; Savannah, Georgia; and Tampa, Florida. Northampton, England, and Ottawa, Canada, will also be featured as 3D cityscapes through the service. The free online map of New York provides a photorealistic view of New York, including landmarks like Times Square, Central Park, Wall Street, and Rockefeller Plaza.

As with other locations mapped through Windows Live Search Maps, users can get Yellow Pages listing, locations of businesses and other landmarks as well as contact information; driving directions, and reviews for New York businesses, restaurants and the like. In addition, users can get real-time traffic incident information integrated with driving directions in the city and can share and access custom maps and lists of notable places in New York that other users have created. Users also can create their own lists of favorite maps and locations in New York. Links to businesses or locations found through Windows Live Search Maps include paid-search advertising links, one area where Microsoft is hoping to gain round on Google.

Link: Live Search Maps
News source: InfoWorld

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The view of Manhattan in 3d is rather decent. We live on the West Side, and you can almost see in our window (oops, better draw the shades from now on)

And, there are two new developments that are shown correctly that Google's maps still show out of date. Not a big deal... just so you know.

No offence to any resident of Northampton, but could Microsoft not do one of the more important cities, London, Sheffield, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and on?

Microsoft is doing it here in Miami already! last Sunday I saw this weird car with lots of weird things on top of it and I was like what the heck is that????? then I realized they were cameras when I looked at the back of the car it said "Windows Live Local" they were taking pictures or video (not sure) of a street near my house.