Microsoft Offers Free Halo 3 LE Disc Replacements

After the launch of Microsoft's Halo 3 there were reports that some customers received scratched discs in their pack due to poor case design. As of now till 31/12/07 Microsoft will replace any damaged Halo 3 LE discs or any Halo 3 Essentials Discs. The offer will expire by the end of this calendar year.

This process has been reported to take approx 2 weeks.

Link: Terms & Conditions
News source: Microsoft Disc Replacement

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I'm sure there is a pattern of scratching that MS is going to look for. If it happened during manufacturing there most likely aren't that many overall that will need to be replaced. Just my 0.2 .

What if someone who obtains an unscratched copy of the game now scratches it up before end of December, whats to stop them from just turning in their now messed up disc for a new one ?

Definitely an own goal from MS, Shame really that after all the hype and stuff they stumble at the touch line. Good luck to all those without a scratched disc and enjoy playing the one weapon game.

Halo = Pistol
Halo 2 = Pistol
Halo 3 = Pistol


Mine was scratched, took it back to the seller, and demained a swapout, got full refund, applied it to a copy of Legendary Edition.

It works for me.

That's awesome. 2 week wait after being the first in line to get it, lol. That's even better than me water ballooning/egging the people in line.

hmm ... how do I fill in the form, its PDF and i dont have a printer :(

Rang MS and got put through to germany, guy there said "the xbox three hundred and sixty games are charged at £10 to return and I would have to send original receipt, discs and let them charge my credit card for £10" I would also be liable for the sending of the discs to them at my own cost

It's a bit of a shame that this didn't apply to all 360 games.
I don't see why you shouldn't be entitled to a free replacement game disk if yours gets scratched up, even if the "offer" was only available for a year after the game was released or something, it'd barely cost M$ any money (how much do you think a single disk costs them?) and would be an excellent excuse against the "backup" pirates.

Thats sweet, cause i bought mine today from walmart and we opened up 23 special editions to get one that wasn't scratched, cause i was ****ed when i bought mine and it was scratched.