Microsoft offers more info on updated Excel Web App

Last week, Microsoft launched new versions of their Office Web App programs in conjunction with the preview launch of Office 2013. That includes a new version of the Excel Web App. In a new post on the official Excel blog, Microsoft talks more about the improvements that have been made to the Excel Web App.

The blog post states that the team decided to go with a more minimalist design for the UI of the Excel Web App. Microsoft states, "The result is a crisp, clean, modern look that's sure to catch your eye. We've also taken the opportunity to optimize the look and interaction model on different devices – for instance, you'll get a more spacious (finger friendly) experience on tablet devices."

The blog also goes over a new feature that will allow web sites to create interactive charts based on Excel. The team has created what it calls the Excel Interactive View button to help create these charts. The blog post states, " ... when you see and click on an Excel Button, data on the page will automatically be presented in an interactive view complete with custom filters and charts, bringing the power of Excel to the Web."

The blog also talks about how the new Excel Web Apps help to create spreadsheets directly from survey results. It also briefly talks about how the web app can add HTML5 and JavaScript-based programs " ... that can be hosted as floating objects or task panes inside Excel Web App ... "

Source: Excel blog | Images via Microsoft

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This looks more and more like Windows for Workgroups 3.11 interface. By Windows 9 there will be black and white interface, by Windows 10 it's command prompt all over again. I use windows at work every day, but I'm glad I switched to OSX 6 years ago; the best decision I've ever made.

I think it is pretty cool, but I'll probably just get the Home and Student version of Office 2013 when it is released (given that the pricing is still <$120 and the licensing still allows 3-5 installations off of a single product key).

Still, I'd choose the Office Web Apps over OpenOffice any day.

I like it, but that all that green makes me think about wishing I was outside instead of doing spreadsheets in my office.