Microsoft Offers Vista Preview to Fight Piracy

Want to try Vista before you buy it? Microsoft now has a free online "test drive" of its Windows Vista operating system in its latest effort to fight software piracy and counterfeiting. Users can access the preview of Vista on a Windows test drive site, said Cori Hartje, director of the company's Genuine Software Initiative (GSI). The test drive sets up a virtual environment that shows users what running Vista is like via a legitimate way of testing the software rather than going out and buying a counterfeit copy or pirating a genuine version, she said.

Though users won't be downloading all of Vista by going to the site, some software will be installed locally on their machines because the site needs to communicate with users that way, Hartje said. The test drive also will assess a user's hardware and evaluate what upgrades need to be made to run the OS. In addition, Microsoft has offered customers a free preview of Office 2007.

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News source: PCWorld

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whats the point in this crap? lol

vista pretty much sucks anyways.... im not even going to bother with it til ATLEAST SP1 and even then i aint sure ill switch over until it's the overwhelming standard.... cause even though i think XP is just straight up better than Vista (less bloat) it's (as usual) only a matter of time before this is "the standard os" :(

but atleast by the time SP1 is released for vista, alot of support will be out there for vista and most of the major bugs will be taken care of ... then it might be a safe choice to use.

Does it show how easy to use UAC is, and why you shouldn't turn it off? :laugh:

I didn't try it, I'm getting the Vista upgrade sometime soon ... :).

Ha! The best anti-piracy feature in Vista is that the OS is a pile of crap. Too bad the virtual environment doesn't show you how painfully slow Vista is going to run on your PC.

They're scared the Chinese are even going to pirate their Vista-demo web page!
Oh I can't wait to see the first pirated CD of "Windows Vista Web Site" on sale in Hong Kong.

This page was on another news portal some time ago... ActiveX-Controls... unknown company owning the domain... well, I don't want to know what this does to our computer, and I am for sure NOT going to find out :)

My bet it's safer to open an email with an "nudephotoofyourdreamgirl.jpg.exe" attachment.